If you have a serious and immediate safety concern regarding a student (yourself or a friend), please call 9-1-1 or PAPD at 650-329-2413. If your concern needs immediate mental health attention, support is also available by contacting one of the hotlines listed below.

Crisis Hotlines

California Youth Crisis Line

Description: Crisis hotline for young people ages 12-14
Hotline: 800-843-5200

Crisis Text Line

Description: Free 24/7 support for people in crisis
Hotline: Text “HOME” to 741741

Uplift Mobile Crisis Response

Description: Mobile crisis support for minor: 5150 assessment, support, and safety planning
Hotline: 408-379-9085

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Description: Suicide prevention hotline and services.
English: 800-273-TALK
Español: 888-628-9454
TTYY: 800-799-4889 
Online chat: suicidepreventionlifeline.org

Santa Clara County Suicide & Crisis Hotline

Description: Suicide & Crisis Hotline Available 24hrs/7days
Hotline: 1-855-278-4204

Care Solace

Care Solace is an online resource with a live 24X7 concierge line to assist individuals in finding local mental health related programs counseling services. To use Care Solace, individuals answer ten basic questions in order to receive an extensive list of referrals to applicable care providers.

Care Solace is now available for use by Palo Alto students, staff, and families at no cost. Please note, this service is an optional resource available by choice and is not mandatory in any way. Care Solace does not require a user’s name, address, phone number, or date of birth. All of the information that is entered in on their platform is completely confidential and stored securely.

Please visit www.caresolace.com/pausdfamilies if you are interested in seeking counseling-related services.

If you have questions, contact PAUSD Wellness and Support Services at (650) 329-3769.

Additional Resources
Mental Health Resources

“ACCI” Asian American Community Involvement

Description: Individual, group, or family counseling, substance abuse and Health Care

Phone: 408-975-2730
Website: www.aaci.org

Adolescent Counseling Services

Description: LGBTQQ + Support Services

Phone: 650-424-0852
Website: www.acs-teens.org

Bill Wilson Center

Description: Serves youth and families focusing on housing, education, counseling and advocacy.

Phone: 408-243-0222
Website: www.billwilsoncenter.org

Caminar (San Mateo County)

Description: A community-based psychosocial rehabilitation service for persons with serious and persistent psychiatric disabilities.

Phone: 650-578-8691

Children's Health Council “CHC”

Description: Affordable teen therapy services that include individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy and psychiatry services.

Phone: 650-688-3625
Website: www.chconline.org

Community Health Awareness Center (CHAC) 

Description: Individual, group, and family counseling, psychological assessments.

Phone: 650-965-2020
Website: www.chacmv.org

Family Children Services Silicon Valley

Description: Individual, couples and family counseling. Substance abuse treatment. Domestic violence support services. Sliding scale fee scales and accepts most insurances.

Phone: 650-326-6576
Website: www.fcservices.org

JFK Sunnyvale Community Counseling Services

Description: Individual, group, family counseling and psychological assessments on a sliding scale.

Phone: 408-524-4900

Mental Health Association of San Mateo County

Description: Provides direct services for adults with mental illnesses that include housing, food, social programs, advocacy and networking.

Phone: 650-368-3345

Grief and Loss


Description: Grief counseling, support groups, summer youth camp.

Phone: 650-321-5272
Website: www.kara-grief.org

Hospice of the Valley Center for Grief & Loss

Description: Individual grief support; support groups; educational sessions; memorial service events; Getting through the Holidays workshop; Biannual Children’s Night Out.

Phone: 408-559-5600
Website: www.hospicevalley.org

Bill Wilson Center - Center for Living with Dying

Description: Grief counseling, support groups, community crisis support, parent support.

Phone: 408-243-0222
Website: www.billwilsoncenter.org

Health Resources

Eating Disorder Resource Center

Description: Free local support groups

Phone: 408-356-1212
Website: www.edrcsv.org

Go Ask Alice

Description: Health Q&A through Columbia University

Website: goaskalice.columbia.edu

Homeless, Foster Youth, Runaway

Shelter Bed Hotline

Description: Hotline with information about emergency shelters in the Bay Area.

Hotline: 800-SHELTER

Bill Wilson Center

Description: Services for homeless & runaway youth

Phone: 408-850-6125
Website: www.billwilsoncenter.org

National Runaway Safeline

Description: Anonymous and confidential runaway support services for young people

Phone: 800-RUNAWAY
Website: www.1800runaway.org

The Food Connection

Description: Referrals to people needing food assistance in Santa Clara County. 

Phone: 800-984-3663

The Opportunity Center

Description: Establish affordable homes and enable the provision of beneficial services for very low-income or homeless individuals and families.

Phone: (650) 853-8672
Website: www.communityworkinggroup.org

Your House South

Description: Temporary housing and counseling center for youth experiencing family problems or who have run away from home.

Phone: 650-367-9687

Human Trafficking


Description: Information about human trafficking 

Website: love146.org

National Human Trafficking Hotline

Description: 24/7 hotline

Phone: 888-373-7888
Text “HELP” to 233733 (BeFree)
Website: https://humantraffickinghotline.org

YWCA of Silicon Valley

Description: Human trafficking, sexul assault & dating violence support

Phone: 408-287-3000


The Trevor Project

Description: Crisis and suicide prevention hotline among LGBTQ youth.

Hotline: 1-866-488-7386
Website: www.thetrevorproject.org

Trans Lifeline

Description: Hotline for transgender people.

Hotline: 877-565-8860
Website: www.translifeline.org

Outlet-Adolescent Counseling Services

Description: LGBTQQ + Support Services

Phone: 650-424-0853 ext. 107
Website: www.acs-teens.org

PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Leasians and Gays)

Description: Monthly support groups open to parents, spouses, siblings, and friends of lesbians and gays.

Phone: 408-270-8182
Website: www.pglagsanjose.org

SOMOS Familia

Description: Support for Latino families with children who are LGBTQ+. Conduct education to create family and community acceptance.

Phone: 510-725-7764
Website: www.somosfamiliabay.org

The LGBTQQ Youth Space

Description: LGBTQ support & community drop in

Phone: 408-343-7940
Website: youthspace.org

Transfamily Support Group of Santa Clara County

Description: Parent group providing support, and community connection.

Phone: 650-218-9536
Website: santaclaratransfamilysupport.net

Family Support

Family Resource Centers (San Mateo County)

Description: Provides counseling, support and education services for youth and adults, home visiting, parent involvement in leadership, financial assistance and case management at specic school locations with Spanish speaking staff.

Phone: 650-802-7684

Parents Helping Parents

Description: Help children and adults with special needs receive the support and services they need to reach their full potential by providing information, training, and resources to build strong families and improve systems of care.

Phone: 408-727-5775
Website: www.php.com

Parent Project - Palo Alto Police Department - Palo Alto USD

Description: 12- week parenting skills workshop for parents and teens, parenting classes, leadership skills, referrals.         

Email: parentproject@cityofpaloalto.org
Phone: 650-833-4208

Safely Surrender Law

Description: Safe place to surrender a baby

Phone: 977-272-3327

Teen Success

Description: Provides support to young mothers

Phone: 408-263-8330
Website: www.teensuccess.net

Sexual & Reproductive Health

CDC Sexual Health

Description: Sexual Health Hotline available 24 hours/ 7 days a week

Phone: 800-CDC-INFO
Website: www.cdc.gov/sexualhealth

Planned Parenthood

Description: Sexual health information, resources and services for teens

Phone: 1-800-330-8542
Text “PPNOW” to 774636
Website: plannedparenthood.org

Public Health Department Adolescent Family Life Program

Description: Comprehensive case management services to pregnant and parenting teens and their children.

Phone: 408-937-2277

Real Options Pregnancy Medical Centers

Description: Provides pregnancy testing, STD testing, option consultations, counseling support parental care, reproductive health info, resources, etc...

Phone: 650-559-1550

Teen Source

Description: Sexual Health Information

Website: www.teensource.org

Sexual, Dating or Domestic Violence - Title IX

Domestic Violence Crisis Line

Description: 24/7 crisis hotline
Hotline: 800-572-2782

AACI Asian Women’s Home

Description: Emergency shelter for women and children, case management, crisis intervention services, help with restraining orders, family law, and immigration issues.

Phone: 408-975-2739
Website: dv.aaci.org

Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse

Description: Provides crisis intervention, counseling and civil legal services for victims of domestic violence.

Phone: 800-300-1080

Domestic Violence Intervention Collaborative

Description: Individual therapy, groups, and classes.

Phone: 408-294-0006
Website: www.dvintervention.org

I Wanna Know

Description: Sexual health information for teens and young adults.

Website: www.iwannaknow.org

Know Your IX

Description: A survivor and youth-led project of Advocates for Youth with resources, guides and support for student to end sexual and dating violence in their schools.

Website: www.knowyourix.org/about

The National Sexual Violence Resource Center

Description: Information and resource hub for all issues related to sexual violence and its prevention including publications and a searchable library.

Website: www.nsvrc.org

Planned Parenthood

Description: Sexual health information, resources and services for teens

Phone: 1-800-330-8542
Text “PPNOW” to 774636
Website: plannedparenthood.org

Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN)

Description: Hotline routes callers to local affiliated organizations. Online chat with counselors. A National database to help find local sexual assault services, resources and guides for “Talking to your kids about sexual assault”, how to reduce risk of assault, the procedures to report these crimes and the process for healing and recovery.

Hotline: 800-656-4673
Online chat: hotline.rainn.org/online

Rape Trauma Services

Description: 24/7 Rape crisis intervention hotline, advocacy and accompaniment; individual, group family counseling.

Crisis Line: 650-692-7273
General: 650-652-0598
Website: www.rapetraumaservices.org

U.S. Department of Justice

Description: Information for Parents & Guardians talking with children about sexual abuse and violence

Website: www.nsopw.gov

YWCA Silicon Valley

Description: Rape crisis intervention, advocacy and accompaniment, individual, group, family counseling, sexual assault, domestic violence, and human trafficking support, emergency shelter and legal help.

Crisis (800) 572-2782
San Jose: 408-295-4011
Sunnyvale: 408-749-0793
Website: www.ywca-sv.org

Substance Abuse

AACI Substance Abuse Program

Description: Individual, group, and family therapy for drug & alcohol, anger management, domestic violence, parenting classes.

Phone: 1-800-488-9914
Website: www.aaci.org

Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment Program- ACS

Description: Assessment & Outpatient treatment services.

Phone: 650-424-0852
Website: www.acs-teens.org

Community Health Awareness Council

Description: Outpatient substance- abuse treatment and prevention program.

Phone: 650- 965-2020
Website: www.chacmv.org

One East Palo Alto (OEPA)

Description: A youth-focused, community-based, behavioral health programs,and substance abuse prevention programs.

Phone: 650-391-9617

Project 90 - San Mateo County

Description: A residential treatment program for men and women who abuse drugs or alcohol.

Phone: 605-579-7881
Website: www.projectninety.org

The Freedom Center - El Centro de Libertad

Description: Individual, group, and family therapy for drug & alcohol, anger management, domestic violence, parenting classes.

Phone: 650-599-9955
Website: www.elcentrodelibertad.org