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Industry Leading Comprehensive Market Data Solutions

Comprehensive financial stock market data and research solutions for online brokerages, clearing firms, banks, public corporations, media portals and financial service companies.

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It is vital that we meet the needs of our clients by obtaining the best possible financial data solutions, and QuoteMedia has proven to be the ideal choice.

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Content Solutions

An extensive array of dynamic financial information that can be seamlessly integrated with your existing web presence.

By simply inserting a few lines of code, you can embed our javascript web tools directly into your website.

Visit our demos to view plug-n-play, customizable solutions that can contain basic to comprehensive market & research data.


Market Data Feeds

Real-time streaming data feeds from financial markets around the world delivered with speed, quality and reliability.

  • Speed, Quality and Reliability
    Ultra low latency, complete redundancy, and superior accuracy and reliability.
  • Flexible Delivery Options
    Receive the data you need in the manner that works best for you.
  • Supplemental Data
    Fundamental, historical, and analytical data keyed to the same symbology.
  • Ease of Use
    User friendly format insure that our feeds are easy to implement and manage.

Software Applications