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About SamTrans

The San Mateo County Transit District is the administrative body for the principal public transit and transportation programs in San Mateo County: SamTrans bus service, including Redi-Wheels & RediCoast paratransit service, Caltrain commuter rail and the San Mateo County Transportation Authority .  Caltrain and the TA have contracted with the District to serve as their managing agency, under the direction of their appointed boards.

District Information - The District is a mobility leader, providing transportation choices and a sustainable future that meets the needs of our diverse communities.

Bus Operations Information - Bus fleet makeup, ridership, survey results and Employees of the Month.

News - Read the latest news releases from the Office of Public Affairs.

Board of Directors - The SamTrans Board consists of a cross section of representatives from throughout San Mateo County.

Citizens Advisory Committee - Representatives from various segments of the community and acts in an advisory capacity to the SamTrans policy board.

Doing Business - Information on how to bid for contracts, advertise on the bus or in bus shelters, and how to apply for permits to film on SamTrans property.

Sustainability - Information about the District’s Sustainability Program.

Finance - Annual budgets, Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports and Quarterly Capital Program Status Reports.

Jobs - Career opportunites at the San Mateo County Transit District.

Public Records Act (PRA) Requests - Guidelines to implement the California Public Records Act, commencing at section 6250 of the Government Code, and other applicable statutes and case law, by setting forth the procedures to be followed when making records available to the public.

Contact Us - How to get in touch with SamTrans.