Bus Operations Information

SamTrans operates 76 bus routes throughout San Mateo County and into parts of San Francisco and Palo Alto.  It began operating bus service in 1976 after consolidating 11 municipal transit services in the county into a coordinated network.  In mid-1977, SamTrans inaugurated its mainline service from Palo Alto to San Francisco, previously operated by Greyhound. 

Also in 1977, SamTrans initiated service for persons with mobility impairments through its Redi-Wheels program - more than a decade before the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The service - provided by Redi-Wheels on the bayside and RediCoast on the coastside - has grown steadily as the San Mateo County population ages, and the service regularly provides more than 1,000 trips in a day.

Over the years, SamTrans has introduced improved vehicles, such as hybrid and low-floor buses.  It also has adjusted coverage area and service in response to customers' travel patterns and available resources.  Below are some key areas of interest. 

The SamTrans Spirit - a short video illustrating the work that goes on before the customer boards.
Bus Fleet - Types of buses used to serve customers. 

Ridership - How many people ride SamTrans? 

Surveys - Asking questions and listening to the answers. 

Employees of the Month - See our outstanding bus operators and maintenance employees.


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