District Information

The San Mateo County Transit District is the administrative body for the principal public transit and transportation programs in San Mateo County: SamTrans bus service, including Redi-Wheels paratransit service, Caltrain commuter rail and the San Mateo County Transportation Authority. Caltrain and the TA have contracted with the District to serve as their managing agency, under the direction of their appointed boards.

Mission & Vision - Describes the District's mission and vision 

Background - Describes the District's responsibilities.

Milestones - Highlights since 1976.

Employee Compensation - Outlines the number of approved staff positions and their salary ranges. 

Caltrain Partnership - The District is a partner in the Caltrain service, as well as its managing agency.

SamTrans Strategic Plan 2015-2019 - The plan that provides the blueprint for SamTrans.

Progress Reports - Annual Progress Reports.

SamTrans Fast Facts - FY2015 Fact Sheet (PDF, 366KB)