How to Ride

SamTrans would like the bus to be your favorite way to get around to work, to shop, to events, the library, the movies, the beach or to visit family and friends. Your ride on SamTrans will be safe and comfortable, at a bargain price.

This guide shows you how to ride the bus in 5 easy steps.

1. Planning Your Trip
2. Boarding the Bus
3. Paying Your Fare
4. Taking a Seat
5. Arriving at Your Destination

Cómo Viajar en SamTrans (en Español)

Other Things to Know
Many SamTrans buses feature the latest safety and comfort advances in public transportation. All SamTrans buses are equipped with security cameras. Major intersections and transfer locations are automatically announced. The green SamTrans passenger shelters have solar-powered lighting.

Key Destinations
SamTrans is your ticket to work, malls, libraries, appointments and fun destinations. SamTrans makes daily trips from Palo Alto to downtown San Francisco and connects you to hundreds of other places throughout San Mateo County, including Caltrain and BART.

Check out our Key Destinations site for a list of key locations served by SamTrans.

Real Time
SamTrans predictive departure time equipment installed at key transit centers displays when the next bus is coming.

511 Trip Planner
You can plan your trip with the interactive Trip Planner on the website.

Thank you for riding SamTrans.

3/13/14 - jsn