Membership Information


Our team welcomes anyone with an interest in competitive ballroom dancing – Stanford students, affiliates and community members – to dance with us. No previous dance experience or partner is necessary. In short, if you’re looking at this, we welcome you to join the team!

Membership Overview

Our team is primarily a competitive team. We are committed to developing our members into confident and competent dancers who have a firm grasp of the fundamentals of dance. To accomplish this, we support our members with a wide range of resources, including: group lessons with professional coaches, office hours with senior dances, and a comprehensive rookie program for members who are new to dance.


Team members enjoy a host of benefits, including:

  • Reduced class and workshop fees
  • Access to office hours and coaching from advanced dancers
  • Team sponsorship for competition entry fees
  • Eligibility for the travel and competition scholarship program (team-sponsored travel to other states for competitions)
  • Access to the team closet (borrow costumes, shoes, accessories and more for competitions)
  • Access to practice space
  • Partner matching
  • … and more!


Membership fees — help defray our costs

To defray the costs of professional dance instruction and other operational expenses, we require our team members to pay a nominal membership fee.

The fee for student members is $15 a quarter (if paying one quarter at a time) or $40 a year (if paying for the entire year). Membership is free for the first quarter for first-time student members.

As our team is partially sponsored by Stanford, and there are restrictions on expenses for non-student members, the fee for non-student members are slightly higher – $25 a quarter (if paying one quarter at a time) or $60 a year (if paying for the entire year). There is no first quarter discount for non-student members.

Training — take at least one class; attend team practices

In dance, as in any other sport, regular practice is critical to improvement. As such, we expect our members to train and practice on a regular basis. We require our members to take at least one class series (Standard or Latin) per quarter, and attend all mandatory team practices.

Competition — compete at least once a quarter; we’ll support you!

As we are a competitive team, to keep our members’ skills sharp and to give them a sense of progress, we require our members to compete in at least one competition per quarter. There will be at least one designated team competition per quarter for which the team will sponsor competition entry fees, organize carpools, and provide other support (such as costume, makeup, etc).

For members totally new to dance – don’t worry! We have a very warm and supportive group of rookie coordinators who will guide you through the excitement and glamor of competitions!

Service — help the team when we need you

As our team is entirely member-run, we depend heavily on our members to run the team. As such, we will require our members to help with team activities, events and administration when necessary.


Come talk to us at one of our fall recruiting events, or at our weekly team practices. Or, if you’re ready to apply right now, fill in the appropriate application form on the Join Us page, and we’ll get back to you.