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The Promise of the Humanities

Extending Yourself


Using a dance class as a lab to learn physics helps students appreciate the art of experimental science.

David Popalisky,
Theatre and Dance


I’ve seen first-hand how innovative Bay Area tech companies seek out creative minds with a liberal arts training.

Mike Malone ’75, MBA ’77,


Giving students a chance to engage in local social issues through art helps break down barriers and stereotypes.

Renee Billingslea,
Art and Art History

Top Stories

No Blue, No Green

On a visit to the Mission Campus, oceanographer Sylvia Earle and Autodesk Explorer-in-Residence Jonathan Knowles stressed that Earth needs everyone to be an active advocate on its behalf.

  • Meningitis Updates for the SCU Campus

    March 8, 2016 (12:00): Read FAQ’s regarding the second dose of the Bexsero® vaccine.

  • In the Spotlight

    Blye Pagon Faust ’97, co-producer of the movie Spotlight, wins an Oscar for Best Picture at the 88th Academy Awards.

  • Getting Stuff Done

    The Silicon Valley Business Journal catches up on social entrepreneurship in a Q&A with Miller Center's Thane Kreiner.

  • Hacking for Humanity

    Using their computing skills to help underserved communities, students participate in SCU’s third annual hackathon, Hack for Humanity.