About the Institute


Founded in 1974, the Michelle R. Clayman Institute for Gender Research at Stanford University is one of the nation's most distinguished research organizations devoted to the study of gender.


Current Theme - Beyond the Stalled Revolution: Reinvigorating Gender Equality in the Twenty-first Century

Twenty years ago, Arlie Hochschild described the gender revolution as stalled, noting that while women had flooded into the paid labor market, men had not increased their involvement in the household, thereby limiting the potential of women in the workplace. More recently, scholars have identified further evidence of a stall in women's progress.

Through a series of workshops, conferences, and fellowships, the Clayman Institute will bring together an intellectually diverse group of scholars to provide new insights into the barriers to women's advancement and to propose novel and workable solutions to advancing gender equality.

More about the theme can be found on the theme page.


Since its founding in 1974, the Institute has offered many programs to further gender equality. The Institute's current programs are listed here.

The online version of our 2009-10 annual report is online. Starting with the 35th Anniversary event, and including the release of new research on Housework, the 2009-10 academic year was memorable.

The current Director is Shelley Correll, an Associate Professor of Sociology.

The Institute is based at Serra House, which has been its home since 1979. The Institute's operational and research archives (1972 onwards) can be consulted at the Stanford University Archive.