Clayman Institute Student Writing Team

The Clayman Institute news service, Gender News, highlights the best of gender research at Stanford. Content is produced by Clayman Institute staff, writers, and a team of graduate and undergraduate students.

If you are interested in joining the student writing team please contact Associate Director Lori Nishiura Mackenzie for an application. Applicants must submit a writing sample and demonstrate an interest in gender scholarship. 


2010-2011 Student Writing Team

Susan Rebecca Fisk

Graduate Student, Sociology

- Negative+Math+Stereotypes=Too few women





Sharon Jank

Graduate Student, Sociology

Natalie Jean Marine-Street

Graduate Student, History




Katherine Marie Marino

Graduate Student, History

- Susan Krieger, Traveling Blind


Mana Nakagawa

Graduate Student, Education

Gender Justice in 40 years: What role can educators play?




Alison Perlberg

Graduate Student, Sociology

Shortchanged: Women and the wealth gap





Elizabeth Sanders

Undergraduate, Class of 2011

Jocelyn Sears

Undergraduate, English

- Walking backwards at the intersection of gender, race and poetry


Sonja Swenson

Undergraduate, Class of 2012, Human Biology

- Valerie Miner: Connecting and inspiring creative voices





Rachel Terrell-Perica

Undergraduate, Class of 2013

- Toshi Reagon: The new segregation




Heidi Thorsen

Undergraduate, Drama

- Frontiers of choice