Affiliated Faculty

School of Humanities and Sciences

Bruce Baker Professor Biological Sciences Regulatory genes controlling sex, studying sexuality in the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster as a model for developmental process.
Albert Bandura Professor Psychology Analysis of basic mechanisms of human agency through which people exercise control over their level of functioning and events that affect their lives.
Harumi Befu Professor Anthropology (Emeritus) The nature of integration of rural communities with the larger society; the social and cultural aspects of Japan's globalization; an analysis of Japan's national and cultural identity.
Terry Berlier Assistant Professor Art and Art History Sculpture
Lisa Blaydes Assistant Professor Political Science Women and Islam, gender and voting behavior, determinants of female support for patriarchal religious practices.
Lera Boroditsky Assistant Professor Psychology The relationships between mind, world, and language; how do we construct knowledge from our experiences with the world; how do we use our knowledge to interpret new experiences.
Melissa Brown Assistant Professor Anthropology Social theory and anthropology of China and Taiwan; Universal processes of social and cultural change, especially evolutionary models, ethnic identity, migration.
Patricia Burchat Professor Physics Fundamental physics; the laws of physics that govern the fundamental constituents of the Universe; mapping the "dark matter" in the universe as a probe for understanding the nature of "dark energy".
Bill Burkholder Assistant Professor Biology Cell cycle-dependent regulation of growth and development in bacteria; inhibitors of kinase signaling pathways
Albert Camarillo Professor History Comparative urban histories of ethnic and racial minorities in the US; Mexican American history; African Americans and Latinos in Contemporary Urban America; American West and California
Clayborne Carson Professor History King's Papers Project; African-American Studies
Laura Carstensen Professor Psychology Socio-emotional selectivity theory, emotional development throughout the life-span, the role social relationships play in psychological well-being, and the influence of motivation on cognitive processing in old age.
Shelley Correll Associate Professor Sociology Gender Inequality; Social Psychology; Group Processes; Sociology of Education
Lisa M. Curran Professor Anthropology The effects of land use change, climate, climate, drought and fire on carbon dynamics and biodiversity; and impacts of governmental policies and industrial practices on ecosystems and rural livelihoods in Asian and Latin American tropical forests.
Gretchen Daily Professor Biological Sciences Making conservation mainstream - economically attractive and commonplace; quantifying the conservation value of human-dominated landscapes, for biodiversity and the many societal benefits it supplies, and on enhancing this value through innovative conservation finance.
Charitini Douvaldzi Assistant Professor German Studies 18th to 20th century German literature and culture; autobiography and the Bildungsroman; psychoanalytic and cultural theory; narrative, vision, and the arts of memory; ethics and aesthetics of incompletion.
Carol S. Dweck Professor Psychology Human intelligence; how people's implicit theories about intelligence can impact their behavior.
Jennifer L. Eberhardt Associate Professor Psychology Racial stereotyping, prejudice, and stigma; effects of social knowledge and representations on visual perception, attention, and memory; race and crime.
Penelope Eckert Professor Linguistics Social meaning of linguistic variation; relation between variation, linguistic style, social identity and social practice; language and gender; language and adolescents/preadolescents.
Harry J. Elam, Jr. Professor Drama Author of Taking It to the Streets: The Social Protest Theater of Luis Valdez and Amiri Baraka; The Past as Present in the Drama of August Wilson.
Michele Elam Associate Professor English Description: 19th-21st Century African American literature, history & theory; Mixed Race Studies; Black Feminist Theory; Black Cultural Performance
Paula England Professor Sociology 1) How occupations' sex composition affects their wages, 2) gender dynamics in families and how they vary by social class, 3) unintended pregnancies, and 4) relationships, dating, and sex among college students.
James Ferguson Professor Anthropology Theoretical and ethnographic issues in Lesotho and Zambia; the broadly conceived political, the relation between specific social and cultural processes, the abstract narratives of "development" and "modernization".
Paula Findlen Professor History 1) The early history of science and medicine, 2) understanding the world of the Renaissance, with a particular focus on Italy, 3) the relations between gender, culture and knowledge.
Morris Fiorina Professor Political Science American government and politics, with special emphasis on topics in the study of representation and elections.
Shelley Fisher Fishkin Professor English 19th- and 20th-century American literature and cultural history; transnational American studies; issues of race and gender; public history and public memory; the literary landscape; human-animal interactions and animal welfare and literature.
Estelle Freedman Professor History Women's history and feminist studies; the role of women in movements for social reform, including feminism and women's prison reform; history of sexuality in the U.S., as well as lesbian history; the history of sexual violence in America.
Hester Gelber Professor Religious Studies Late medieval religious thought; philosophy of religion as well as medieval Christianity; development of the medieval religious cosmos as a mythologized system of retributive justice.
Barbara Gelpi Professor English (Emerita) Victorian and Romantic literature and feminist literary criticism; Victorian medievalism.
Deborah M. Gordon Professor Biology The social behavior and ecology of social insects. Current research investigates ant colony organization, ecology of harvester ant populations, population genetics of harvester ant populations, and the invasive Argentine ant.
Roland Greene Professor English Early modern literatures of England, Latin Europe, and the colonial Americas; transatlantic literature and society; Latin American and Latina/o poetry, fiction, and criticism; poetry and poetics; literary and cultural theory, especially lyric theory across cultures
Kalanit Grill-Spector Assistant Professor Psychology Visual object recognition and other high-level visual processes with functional imaging (fMRI), computational techniques and behavioral methods.
Ann Grimes Lorry I. Lokey Visiting Professor Communications Public issues reporting; Business, technology and new media.
David Grusky Professor Sociology 1) the rise and fall of social classes under advanced industrialism, 2) the underlying structure of occupational segregation by race and sex, 3) the sources of modern attitudes toward gender inequality, 4) long-term trends in patterns of occupational and geographic mobility.
Heather Hadlock Associate Professor Music Specialist in French and Italian Romantic opera and gender studies
Susan Holmes Professor Statistics Computational Biology; Bootstrap for multivariate analyses; Phylogenetic analysis of DNA sequences; Multivariate Statistics applied to microarray techniques.
Sarah Jain Assistant Professor Communications Design, injury, and mobility; Commodity violence.
Agnieszka Jaworska Assistant Professor Philosophy "Subjects' expectations in neuroimaging research." J Magn Reson Imaging. 2006
Patricia Jones Professor Biological Sciences The regulatory pathways that control the body's immune responses.
Karen Jusko Assistant Professor Political Science Comparative Democratic Politics; Political Methodology; Comparative Political Economy.
Jan Krawitz Professor Art and Art History Film production and film studies; Films in distribution include Big Enough, In Harm's Way, Mirror Mirror, Drive-in Blues, Little People, Cotton Candy and Elephant Stuff, and Styx.
Aishwary Kumar Assistant Professor History Disruption and transformation of liberal thought by aboriginal politics. Current work charts the itinerary of political theory and conceptual practices travelling between South Asia and Europe.
Indra Levy Assistant Professor Asian Languages Modern Japanese literature, theater, film, and criticism; modern Japanese women's intellectual history.
Phillip Yukio Lipscy Assistant Professor Political Science Japanese politics, U.S.-Japan relations, international and comparative political economy, international security, and regional cooperation in East and South East Asia.
Helen Longino Professor Philosophy The relations of social and cognitive values in the sciences, the epistemological challenges of scientific pluralism, the philosophical character of feminist epistemologies, and the development of a social approach to scientific knowledge.
Andrea Abernethy Lunsford Professor English Contemporary rhetorical theory; women and the history of rhetoric; collaboration and collaborative writing; current cultures of writing; intellectual property and composing; style; and technologies of writing
Saikat Majumdar Assistant Professor English British, Irish and World Anglophone literature from the late nineteenth century to the present day, studies of postcolonialism and globalization, critical theory and creative writing
Hazel Markus Professor Psychology The sociocultural shaping of mind and self; how gender, ethnicity, religion, social class, cohort, and region or country of national origin may influence thought and feeling, particularly self-relevant thought and feeling
Yoshiko Matsumoto Associate Professor Asian Languages Semantics and Pragmatics; Structure of modern Japanese; Relation of language to gender and age; Japanese as a Second Language
Lynn Meskell Professor Anthropology Egyptian archaeology, ethnography in South African, identity and sociopolitics, gender and feminism, and ethics
Kathryn A. Moler Associate Professor Applied Physics Physics of nanostructured materials; Local magnetic probes; Experimental Condensed Matter; Superconductivity; Microscopy and Imaging
Yumi Moon Assistant Professor History Modern Korea and East Asia; political culture and democratization; colonialism
Marcyliena Morgan Associate Professor Communication Youth, gender, language, culture and identity, sociolinguistics, discourse and interaction
Paula Moya Associate Professor English Chicana/o cultural studies and feminist theory; 19th and 20th century American literatures, post-colonial literature and literary and cultural theory; relationship between a subject's social location and her identity; the epistemic and political consequences of social identity
Thomas S. Mullaney Assistant Professor History Modern China and Modern East Asia; Race and Ethnicity; Nation Formation and Modern Governmentality; History of Science; Transnational and Comparative World History; Intellectual History; Linguistics
Anne Firth Murray Consulting Professor Human Biology International Women's Health
Clifford Nass Professor Communication Social-psychological aspects of human-computer interaction
Muriel Niederle Associate Professor Economics Market design and the gender gap in wages
Peggy Phelan Professor Drama Women and Performance
Robert Polhemus Professor English Literary history; 19th-century British literature--especially the novel; 20th-century British fiction; the visual arts (including film); and cultural psychology
Robert Proctor Professor History History of scientific controversy in 20th and 21st centuries; cultural production of ignorance (agnotology); history of scientific rhetoric, geology, evolution and human origins
Rob Reich Associate Professor Political Science Liberalism; Moral and Legal Status of Children; Civic Education; Educational Theory and Policy; Public Service and Policy
Cecilia Ridgeway Professor Sociology How social hierarchies in everyday interaction play in the larger processes of stratification and inequality in a society
Jessica Riskin Associate Professor History Enlightenment science, politics and culture and the history of scientific explanation
Terry Root Professor (by courtesy) Biological Sciences Large-scale ecological questions investigating factors shaping the ranges and abundances of animals and plants
Janice Ross Associate Professor Drama Interests include contemporary performance as activism and dance in prisons.
Lee Ross Professor Psychology Social Psychology; attributional processes and biases; strategies and shortcomings in lay judgment and decision making; Basis of (and biases in) knowledge about self and others; egocentrism and "naive realism."
Joan Elizabeth Roughgarden Professor Biological Sciences Books: 2006-Evolution and Christian Faith: Reflections of an Evolutionary Biologist, 2004-Evolution's Rainbow: Diversity, Gender, and Sexuality in Nature and People
Christopher Rovee Assistant Professor English The value of poetry in the nineteenth century; the romantic and postromantic lyric; 19th-c. visual culture; the gothic; literary interiority; the lyric from Milton to Blake; the Shelleys; and Keats
Gabriella Safran Associate Professor Slavic Languages and Literature Nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Russian literature; Polish literature; Yiddish literature; Jewish Studies; folklore; Realism; the aesthetics of ethnicity; the relationship between sacred and secular writing
Ramon Saldivar Professor English Literary criticism and literary theory, the history of the novel, 19th and early 20th century literary studies, cultural studies, globalization and issues concerning transnationalism, and Chicano and Chicana studies
Kristine Samuelson Professor Communication Documentary producing and directing; her credits include Arthur and Lillie, Time Has No Sympathy, 2 A.M. Feeding, An Artist's Journey, Wrong Place, Wrong Time, and Empire of the Moon.
Rebecca Sandefur Assistant Professor Sociology Intersection of the sociology of law and the sociology of inequality, Social Stratification and Mobility; Law and Society; Work, Occupations and Professions
Priya Satia Assistant Professor History Modern British History including the British Empire
Debra Satz Professor Philosophy Political Philosophy; Ethics; Philosophy of Social Science
Carla Shatz Professor Biology To discover cellular and molecular mechanisms that transform early fetal and neonatal brain circuits into mature connections, and in particular to determine the extent to which neural function during critical periods of development is needed for these circuits to tune up into adult patterns of connectivity.
Matthew Snipp Professor Sociology Race, Ethnic, and Minority Relations; Stratification, Mobility, and Inequality; Demography
Matthew Sommer Associate Professor History Sexuality, gender relations, and law during the Qing dynasty (1644-1912); legal cases from central and local archives in China
Carolyn Springer Associate Professor French and Italian Nineteenth-century Italian literature and cultural history; lyric poetry; gender studies; Renaissance visual culture; history of landscape
Peter Stansky Professor (Emeritus) History Modern British History
Laura Stokes Assistant Professor History 15th Century European social history, especially witchcraft prosecution
Jennifer Summit Associate Professor English Chaucer; Spenser; pre-18th Century women writers; Reformation English culture and writing; periodization of "medieval" and "Renaissance"; history of books and literary culture
Michele Tertilt Assistant Professor Economics Macroeconomics, Growth and Development; Economics of the Family, Public Finance
Shripad Tuljapurkar Professor Biology Dynamics and evolution of human and natural populations; sensitivity and extinction dynamics in the presence of disturbance; population aging and age structural transitions; evolution of senescence
Frederick Turner Assistant Professor Communication Digital media, journalism and the intersection of media and American cultural history
Jun Uchida Assistant Professor History Modern Japan; Modern Korea; Japanese imperialism and colonialism in Asia; Comparative Colonialism; Decolonization; Oral history; History of food and food ways
Barbara Voss Assistant Professor Anthropology Historical archaelogy, focusing on how sexuality and gender shape the dynamics of colonial encounters. Director of the Market Street Chinatown Archaeology Project, San Jose, CA.
Virginia Walbot Professor Biological Sciences The mechanisms that create allelic diversity and modulate genome stability in plants; to define how a "germinal" cell is specified
Tom Wasow Professor Linguistics Language processing, syntactic theory, linguistic methodology
Carl Weber Professor Drama (Emeritus) directing and dramaturgy
Gail Wight Associate Professor Art and Art History The cultural impact of scientific practice, and plays with our constant redefinition of self through our epistemologies
Caroline Winterer Assistant Professor History Intellectual and cultural history of pre-1900 America
Laura Wittman Assistant Professor French and Italian Italian, French, and Comparative Literature
Rega Wood Professor(Research) Philosophy Medieval Philosophy, History, History of Science & Theology; Medieval Latin Paleography and Codicology
Sylvia Yanagisako Professor Anthropology Socio-Cultural Anthropology; the effects of and alternatives to the orthodox definition of anthropology as the "holistic" study of human-kind based on the integration of the fours fields of archaeology, biological anthropology, sociocultural anthropology, and linguistic anthropology
Richard Zare Professor Chemistry Laser chemistry; chemical reactions at the molecular level; molecular collision processes; chemical analysis; laser induced fluorescence