Affiliated Faculty

School of Medicine

Jessica Rose AgramonteAssistant Professor Orthopedic SurgeryThe neuromuscular and musculoskeletal mechanisms underlying gait abnormalities in children with cerebral palsy (CP) and other pediatric orthopaedic conditions
Ben A. BarresProfessor NeurobiologyThe development and function of glial cells in the mammalian central nervous system
Annelise BarronAssociate Professor Bioengineeringpolymer and colloidal science and biotechnology
Vinod BhutaniProfessor PediatricsNeonatology; newborn jaundice, bilirubin biology and kernicterus prevention; pulmonary physiology, pulmonary functions and neonatal ventilation
Helen BlauProfessor Microbiology and ImmunologyHow cells maintain a quiescent, proliferative or differentiated state
Helen Bronte-StewartAssociate Professor NeurologyNeurology & Neurological Sciences
Mary Kate BundorfAssistant Professor Health Research and PolicyHealth insurance markets including the determinants and effects of individual and purchaser choices, the effects of regulation in insurance markets, the interaction of public and private systems of health insurance, and incentives for insurers to improve health care quality
Atul J ButteAssistant Professor PediatricsMethodologies in translational bioinformatics
Brendan CarvalhoAssistant Professor AnesthesiaCesarean anesthesia and labor analgesia; Pregnancy-induced changes in pain perception and the mechanism behind post-operative pain
Eliza ChakravartyAssistant Professor MedicineClinical epidemiology, translational studies, and clinical trials. Areas of interest include systemic lupus erythematosus, scleroderma, rheumatoid arthritis, connective tissue diseases, and relationships between autoimmune diseases and pregnancy
Shelia CohenProfessor (Emerita) AnesthesiaThe efficacy and mechanism of action of spinal and epidural opioids for production of analgesia during labor, and the functionality of epidural analgesia for labor pain relief
Terry DesserAssociate Professor RadiologyImaging of gastrointestinal tract cancer; Ultrasound; Simulated learning environment
Susan Frayne Associate Professor MedicineThe quality of primary care provided to patients with mental illness, particularly women with post-traumatic stress disorder secondary to sexual trauma
Margaret T. Fuller Professor Developmental BiologyStem cell specification, self-renewal, and differentiation; Regulation mechanisms in cell differentiation
Sabine C. GirodAssociate Professor SurgeryVisuohaptic virtual environments for interactively exploring CT data; Semiautomated planning tools for preoperative surgery simulation; Imaging and robot-guided surgery for dental implants
Jeremy Goldhaber-Fiebert Assistant Professor MedicineDecision science; International health policy; Cost-effectiveness analysis; Simulation modeling
Mary GoldsteinProfessor MedicineDevelopment, implementation, and evaluation of quality improvement strategies in primary care; medical informatics; quality of life (health preference/utility) assessment for older adults
Miriam B. Goodman Associate Professor Molecular & Cellular Physiology Molecular events that give rise to the sensation of touch and temperature; Novel devices for the study of sensory transduction
Stuart GoodmanProfessor Orthopedic Surgery1) the biological aspects of the interface between orthopaedic implants/biomaterials and bone; 2) total joint replacement: prosthesis design, biomechanics, biomaterials, mechanisms of failure; 3) the effects of mechanical stimulation on mesenchymal tissue differentiation; 4) osteoarthritis: etiology, diagnosis, imaging, treatment, outcomes
Florette K. Hazard Assistant Professor Pathology Death and disease in the pediatric population. Most notably to characterize pediatric tumor pathology, evaluate abnormalities of the juvenile reproductive system, demonstrate the histologic and ultrastructural changes of metabolic disorders on specific organs, and elucidate new scientific techniques to aid in the study of childhood disease.
Jill A. HelmsAssociate Professor SurgeryThe molecular and cellular mechanisms regulating craniofacial morphogenesis, and the etiological basis for genetic and teratogen-induced craniofacial defects
Paula HillardProfessor Obstetrics and GynecologyAdolescent and pediatric gynecology; Contraception; Menopause; Gynecology; Family planning
Mark HlatkyProfessor Health Research and PolicyCardiovascular Health Services Research; Cost-Effective Analysis, especially of new technology; Clinical Outome Research; Randomized Clinical Trials with cost, quality of life endpoints (coronary angioplasty, stents, and bypass surgery; diabetes management); Clinical Guidelines Development; Patient Outcomes Research in Cardiac Arrhythmias
Ting-Ting HuangAssistant Professor NeurologyMicrobial genetics; mammalian genetics; using genetic tools to create and characterize mouse models for human diseases ( e.g., Down syndrome-related mouse models)
Keith HumphreysProfessor (Research) PsychiatryInterventions for substance abuse and psychiatric disorders
Michael HsiehAssistant Professor UrologyHost-microbe interactions in the genitourinary tract; Antibiotic and probiotic interventions; Biofilms, chronic parasite infections, and sepsis
Robert K. JacklerProfessor OtolaryngologyDevelopment of innovative surgical methods, via the cranial base, to expose inaccessible intracranial disease. Surgical simulation and robotics. Evidence based outcomes analysis in acoustic neuroma and other tumors of the cerebellopontine angle. History of tobacco advertising with false reassurance of healthfulness (see Medical history - especially the history of otology, neurosurgery, deafness, and quackery.
David KatzensteinProfessor (Research) MedicineTreatment and evaluation of HIV infection
Cheryl KoopmanAssociate Professor (Research) PsychiatryPsychosocial reactions to political trauma, serious illness, and other stressful life events and the evaluation of intervention programs to help people cope with such events. Studies designed to inform the design of psychosocial interventions for improving physical and mental health.
Eswar KrishnanAssistant Professor Immunology and RheumatologyClinical Epidemiology and Health Outcomes
Amy LaddProfessor Orthopedic SurgeryBone Graft substitutes; Phosphate bone cement; Congenital anomalies of the upper limb; Tendon transfers for cord injured patients; Malunited wrist fracture
Iris F. LittProfessor (Emerita) PediatricsThe health problems of adolescent women, with particular emphasis on the interaction of psychosocial phenomena with biologic features of the second decade of life
Merritt MadukeAssistant Professor Molecular and Cellular PhysiologyA combination of electrophysiological, structural, and biochemical methods
Rachel ManberProfessor PsychiatryTreatment of depression during pregnancy and post partum; Phenomenology and treatment of insomnia. Comorbid insomnia and depression; The effects of female gonadal hormones on sleep
Christina Mora ManganoProfessor AnesthesiaAnesthesia
Vinod MenonAssociate Professor (Research) PsychiatryCognitive neuroscience; Cognitive development; Psychiatric neuroscience; Functional brain imaging; Dynamical basis of brain function; Nonlinear dynamics of neural systems
Anna MessnerProfessor OtolaryngologyPediatric Otolaryngology
Rudolf MoosProfessor Psychiatry(1) Assessment of the quality of treatment for substance use and psychiatric disorders and its relationship to treatment outcome; (2) characteristics of the social environments of community settings that contribute to treatment outcome, such as families, the workplace, and self-help and mutual support groups; and (3) clarification of the role of social context and coping in personal growth and well-being. One area of his interest involves gender similarities and differences in these areas.
Ruth O'HaraAssociate Professor (Research) PsychiatryPsychiatry and Behavioral Science
Claudia MuellerAssistant Professor Pediatric SurgeryPediatric Surgery
Karen J. ParkerAssistant Professor (Research) Psychiatry and Behavioral SciencesBehavioral neuroscience research program focusing on 1) the biology of healthy and disordered social functioning and 2) the role of early stressful experiences in developmental outcomes
Josef ParviziAssistant Professor NeurologyBrain architecture and how pathological changes in distinct networks cause various clinical problems. Lab goal is to understand the neural basis of seizure propagation and how it relates to ictal behavior. Also, to test hypotheses at cellular, local, and system levels using intracranial stimulation & recordings.
Anna PennAssistant Professor PediatricsThe Penn lab is studying the role of placental factors in brain development. We are using novel mouse models to explore factors that contribute to normal neurodevelopment and the effects of their loss following premature birth. We are focused on the influence of steroid hormones (estrogens and progestins) on cerebellar development and, collaboratively, are extending our studies to hippocampal stem cells and forebrain neurons.
Renee Reijo PeraProfessor Obstetrics & GynecologyUnderstanding key cell fates in the embryo, including the generation of pluripotent stem cells, somatic and germ cell lineages
Marlene RabinovitchProfessor PediatricsThe regulation of genes associated with cardiovascular development and disease
Chandra RamamoorthyAssociate Professor AnesthesiaPediatric Cardiac Anesthesia; Pediatric Anesthesia
Natalie RasgonProfessor PsychiatryNeuroendocrine and brain imaging studies in postmenopausal women and endocrine studies in reproductive-aged women with mood disorders
Allan ReissProfessor Psychiatry(1) behavioral neurogenetics and (2) neuroimaging
Edward RileyAssociate Professor Anesthesia"Obstetric Anesthesia Controversies: Vasopressor Choice for Postspinal Hypotension During Cesarean Delivery." Int Anesthesiol Clin 2007; 45: 1: 115-132
Eunice RodriguezAssociate Professor (teaching) PediatricsSocial epidemiology of public health; The use and exploration of mixed methods in program evaluation
Debra SaferAssistant Professor PsychiatryThe nature and treatment of eating disorders (particularly bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder), the development and treatment of obesity, and the relationship between binge eating and the metabolic syndrome
Minnie SarwalAssociate Professor PediatricsTranslational research into the molecular and immunological basis of transplant dysfunction
Iris SchrijverAssistant Professor PathologyCystic fibrosis; Sensorineural hearing loss; Mitochondrial mutation detection
Audrey ShaferAssociate Professor AnesthesiaStaff Anesthesiologist, Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System; Director, Arts, Humanities and Medicine Program, Center for Biomedical Ethics
Carla ShatzProfessor NeurobiologyTo discover cellular and molecular mechanisms that transform early fetal and neonatal brain circuits into mature connections, and in particular to determine the extent to which neural function during critical periods of development is needed for these circuits to tune up into adult patterns of connectivity.
Steven ShaferProfessor AnesthesiaPharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of intravenous anesthetics, including drug interactions and continuous measures of drug effect; model-based drug development; target controlled drug delivery; advanced models of drug behavior
Linda Dairiki ShortliffeProfessor UrologyPediatric Urology, Cancer - Urologic Oncology
Barbara SommerAssociate Professor PsychiatryCognitive reserve and factors that positively and negatively influence it
Marcia StefanickProfessor (Research) medicine - preventionChronic disease prevention and health promotion across the lifespan, for men and women, with a special interest in menopause and sex hormones
Kathryn StevensAssistant Professor Radiology"Comparison of minimally invasive and conventional open posterolateral lumbar fusion using magnetic resonance imaging and retraction pressure studies." J Spinal Disord Tech 2006; 19: 2: 77-86
Jane TanAssistant Professor NephrologyIssues pertaining to clinical kidney transplantation with ongoing studies on the following topics: 1. Renal senescence and kidney transplant, and chronic allograft nephropathy; 2. Living donor safety and response to uninephrectomy; and 3. Biomarkers for post-transplant monitoring.
Dolores Gallagher ThompsonProfessor (Research) PsychiatryIntervention research to reduce distress in older adults & their family members; the efficacy of psychotherapies (cognitive/ behavioral {CBT} & psychodynamic) to treat late-life depression
Philip TsaoAssociate Professor (Research) Cardiovascular MedicineCardiovascular Medicine
Hannah ValantineProfessor MedicineThe mechanism mediating acute and chronic allograft failure, in particular on the role of microvascular injury in acute allograft failure and the mechanisms of mediating transplant coronary artery disease
Nancy Ewen WangAssistant Professor SurgeryDisparities in Emergency Medical Services for children; Efficacy of novel interventions for pediatric access to care; Teaching and supporting community-initiated interventions and programs internationally
Heather WakeleeAssistant Professor OncologyLung cancer; Anti-angiogenesis strategies
Irene WapnirAssociate Professor SurgeryClinical treatment trials in Breast Cancer, especially locally recurrent breast cancer
Lynn WestphalAssociate Professor Reproductive Endocrinology and InfertilityInfertility, fertility preservation, oocyte cryopreservation
Carol Hunter WinogradAssociate PRofessor (Emerita) Medicine (Geriatrics) and Human BiologyWomen's issues, mobility, improving function and quality of life, especially for older adults.
Frances WrenAssistant Professor Psychiatry and Behavioral SciencesClinical intervention and health care delivery that will improve clinical outcomes and access to effective care for depressed and anxious children and adolescents seen within the pediatric medical system and to evaluate clinical and cost-effectiveness
Sherry Wren Professor Surgery Surgical oncology, especially gastrointestinal cancers
Mylene YaoAssistant Professor Obstetrics and GynecologyEarly mammalian embryo development