2010-2011 Research Fellows

Beth L. Pruitt | email

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University

Beth Pruitt received the BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, Cambridge, MA in 1991, the MS degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from Stanford University in 1992, and the PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University in 2002. Pruitt was a post-doc in the microsystems laboratory of EPFL in 2002-2003. Pruitt joined the mechanical engineering faculty at Stanford in 2003. Previously, she served as an officer in the US Navy with tours as an engineering project manager and as a systems engineering instructor at the US Naval Academy. She received the NSF CAREER award (2005) and DARPA Young Faculty Award (2009) and is also certified as a professional engineer.


Her research group at Stanford University works on microfabricated sensors and systems applied to monitoring and modeling of mechanics in small scale systems, development of novel processes and devices for measuring nanoscale (bio)mechanical behavior, operation in harsh environments, and the analysis, design, and control of integrated electro-mechanical systems. Applications include metrology and modeling of the role of mechanics in biology as well as diagnostic tools and analysis systems, and robust manufacture and design methods for force sensors.

Pruitt is a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Materials Research Society, American Society for Engineering Education, Biophysical Society, American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Heart Association and American Physiological Society. She has served on program committees for Transducers, MEMS, and the Solid State Sensors and Actuators Workshop, and serves on the editorial board of JMM and Micro & Nano Letters. She is the advisor to the Society of Women Engineers, organizes regular gatherings for women students and faculty at Stanford and at her major professional meetings. She maintains an online community of women in her field. She has mentored over 20 MS researchers, 30 undergraduate researchers, and 15 PhD students in research including numerous women.

For her fellowship, Pruitt will be investigating successful models for NSF ADVANCE grants at other campuses along with Stanford colleague and 2010-2011 Faculty Research Fellow, Miriam B. Goodman. They will give a joint informal talk to this year's Faculty Fellows and Clayman Institute Affiliated Faculty on March 3rd. Details here.

Further information about Professor Pruitt is available from her website.

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