20010-2011 Research Fellows

Catherine Hundleby | email

Associate Professor and Graduate Director, Department of Philosophy, and Cross-appointed to Women's Studies Program, University of Windsor

Catherine Hundleby is Associate Professor of Philosophy and Cross-appointed to Women's Studies at the University of Windsor, Canada. She is a feminist epistemologist, with a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Western Ontario (2001, Canada). Her focus has been on feminist philosophy of science, from both the standpoint and empiricist perspectives, including "Feminist Empiricism" in the Handbook of Feminist Research (Sage 2007). She is now applying feminist epistemology and philosophy of science to argumentation theory and informal logic.

For her fellowship, Hundleby is considering how argumentation schemes, such as appeals to authority and genetic argumentation, give rise to fallacies that are of special interest in negotiating gender issues and resisting other axes of oppression. Her focus while at the Clayman Institute will be on centrism -- especially androcentrism, and reductionism -- especially biological reductionism, as argumentation schemes that can be mistakenly employed and hence fallacious.

Further information about Professor Hundleby is available from her website.

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