2010-2011 Research Fellows

Deborah H. Gruenfeld | email

The Moghadam Family Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior, and Codirector, Executive Program for Women Leaders, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

Deborah Gruenfeld is a social psychologist whose research and teaching examine how people are transformed by the organizations and social structures in which they work. The author of numerous articles on the psychology of power, and on group behavior, Gruenfeld has taught popular courses on these and related topics to MBA students and executives at Stanford and at Northwestern University's J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management.

For her fellowship, Gruenfeld will be supporting her course, "Acting with Power: OB 533." The course has stimulated a new and very exciting program of research on the embodiment of power, which has direct implications for gender. Gruenfeld is also exploring the development of a book on this topic, for which women are likely to be a very large part of the audience.

Further information about Professor Gruenfeld is available from her website.

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