2010-2011 Research Fellows

Sherry M. Wren | email

Professor of Surgery (General Surgery), and Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs, Stanford University Medical Center

Sherry M. Wren, MD, received her medical degree from Loyola University Chicago, Stritch School of Medicine, Maywood, Illinois and completed her residency in general surgery at Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, and University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She also completed a research fellowship in transplant immunology at University of Pittsburgh and a fellowship in hepatobiliary surgery at University of Southern California, Los Angeles. Wren is certified by the American Board of Surgery. She is presently a professor of surgery and Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs at Stanford University School of Medicine, Palo Alto, California. Wren also serves as the Chief of General Surgery and Assistant Chief of Surgical Services for the Palo Alto Veterans Health Care System. Wren is recognized nationally as a gastrointestinal surgeon specializing in the treatment of cancer. She has been honored with multiple national and Stanford teaching and mentoring awards, and has served in leadership positions in many organizations.

For her fellowship, Wren will be working on a retrospective and prospective qualitative study of Stanford medical school faculty attrition in order to understand the motives for attrition, especially among women and underrepresented minorities, with the goal to improve retention and recruitment for excellent and diverse faculty. This Stanford pilot project will be a first step toward a more extensive US study.

Sabine Girod, Associate Professor of Surgery, Stanford University Medical Center, and 2007-2009 Clayman Institute Faculty Research Fellow, and Henry Etzkowitz, Visiting Professor at the University of Edinburgh Business School, United Kingdom, and General Adviser to the International Institute of Triple Helix (IITH) of LaSalle University, Madrid, Spain, and 2010-2011 Clayman Institute Faculty Research Fellow are collaborators with Wren on this research. Sherry will give an informal talk to this year's Faculty Fellows and Clayman Institute Affiliated Faculty on January 20th. Details here.

Further information about Professor Wren is available from her website.

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