2010-2011 Research Fellows

Staffan Bergwik | email

Assistant Professor, Center for Gender Research, Uppsala University, Sweden

Staffan Bergwik is a historian of science from Uppsala University, Sweden. After earning his PhD in 2005 he joined the Center for Gender Research at Uppsala in 2006, where he is assistant professor. Since 2007 he is working on a research project entitled "On the Outskirts of Science", studying collaborative structures in early twentieth century Swedish science, with a special interest in the gendered aspects of scientific networks. He is also part of the research program "GenNa: Nature/Culture and Transgressive Encounters" at the Center for Gender Research at Uppsala, and, in particular, its research group and network "Igap: Interferences of Gender and Physics". This collective brings together researchers interested in studying physics and other material sciences from gendered perspectives.

For his fellowship, Bergwik will do research on the history of scientific families in physics, exploring the historical foundations and stability of gendered ways of sharing scientific work in the twentieth century. His project explores the overlapping of private and scientific life, with the aim of adding historical understanding to current discussions on equality and gendered careers in academe. He gave an informal talk on his research with this year's Faculty Fellows and Clayman Institute Affiliated Faculty on December 2nd.

Further information about Professor Bergwik is available from his website.

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