Recent Publications

  • L. Schiebinger, S. Gilmartin, Housework is an Academic Issue, published in Academe
  • Annual Review, 2007-08
  • A.Henderson, C. Simard, S. Gilmartin, L. Schiebinger, T. Whitney, Climbing the Tech Ladder: Obstacles and Solutions for Mid-Level Women in Information Technology (Anita Borg Institute and Clayman Institute, 2008)
  • L. Schiebinger, A. Henderson, S. Gilmartin, Dual-Career Academic Couples: What Universities Need to Know (Stanford: Clayman Institute, 2008).
  • L. Schiebinger (ed.), Gendered Innovations in Science and Engineering (Stanford University Press, 2008) was published on March 12, 2008 and is available from all good booksellers in hardback and paperback.
  • Forthcoming Publications

    • Andrea Henderson, Justine Tinkler, Manwai Ku, and Londa Schiebinger, "Venture Capitalist Decision-Making: Gendered Assumptions about Technical Knowledge and Social Networks." (forthcoming)

    Past Publications

    Clayman Institute YouTube Channel

    The Clayman Institute for Gender Research features a series of lectures and talks on gender research. For the compete list, go to the Clayman Institute YouTube Channel.


    The Clayman Institute began recording and podcasting programs on the Stanford on iTunes (SoiT) site in 2007. We are a "Featured Contributor" with our own album where all of our recordings can be accessed. Recordings may also be searched individually by using the "Stanford Power Search" feature or by navigating the categories listed on the SoiT homepage.

    Getting Started with "Stanford on iTunes"

    To begin, open the SoiT website. To download iTunes for free and learn about how to organize your files, select "Quickstart" from the menu. Otherwise, if you already have iTunes established on your PC or Mac, then select "Open Stanford on iTunes U". Go to the section labeled "Featured Contributors" on the homepage and click on "See All". Look for the Clayman Institute in the list (our logo reads "Fix the Knowledge"), and double-click on our icon. Review our list of "Tracks" and select accordingly. To download a video for viewing, click on "Get Movie". Wait while SoiT loads the podcast and then adjust your volume accordingly. All tracks are available free of charge.

    Other "Stanford on iTunes" Programs of Interest

    Additionally, there are many programs by Clayman Institute Faculty Affiliates, Senior Scholars, and other affiliates on SoiT that have been sponsored by other departments and programs, but may also be of interest to you. To find these programs, use the "Stanford Power Search" feature described above and type in key words such as names, e.g. Diane Middlebrook, Marilyn Yalom, etc., and topics, e.g. gender, women, etc.

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