We started this initiative with a simple, yet revolutionary premise: That the next great wave of innovation in Silicon Valley could be led by women. With women dominating the usage and spending within a swelling rank of new Internet technologies, there has never been a greater opportunity for women to craft the future vision and strategy of large, established Internet companies as well as define and conceptualize compelling new mainstream products and services poised to profoundly impact people around the globe.

This future is only possible by fostering a growing number of new voices and fearless thought leaders here in Silicon Valley prepared to champion new ideas that at first — like all innovative ideas — seem impossible.

The Clayman Institute for Gender Research at Stanford University, The OpEd Project, and a small team of leading Silicon Valley entrepreneurs have come together to create a new and experimental Thought Leadership Greenhouse aimed at identifying and arming the highest potential thought leaders and thinkers in Silicon Valley with the skills, training, research, access, and close-knit support to dramatically increase the influence of women in defining the future.

Our goal with the Silicon Valley Thought Leadership Greenhouse is to make it both practical and amazing. We will measure success with clear and concrete metrics, by looking at a quantifiable increase over the next three years in:

  • Keynotes and appearances on panels at top conferences
  • Publications and citations in key thought leadership forums such as op-ed pages, key industry blogs and business media
  • Business school talks and case studies
  • Industry and public recognition (e.g., awards and media coverage) for Greenhouse members championing game-changing initiatives within their companies or creating new companies altogether.