Extraordinary Facts

Our new hospital expansion is designed for extraordinary care. The design allows us to put families first, supporting our unique approach to Family-Centered Care. It allows our world-class doctors and nurses to use the most advanced technology and protocols available. And, whenever possible, allows us to bring nature into the healing process.

Extraordinary facts about our expansion:

  • 521,000 square feet of building space
  • 149 beds, including ICU and acute care beds
  • 6 new surgical suites
  • 4 new diagnostics units and 3 new imaging units
  • 3.5 acres of healing gardens and green space
  • 1 tall wind turbine will stand next to the hospital main entrance



Little-known facts about the construction to share with your little one:

  • 40 million pounds of steel and rebar will be used in the expansion, which is equal to:
    • 45.7 million footballs
    • 2 million bicycles
    • 22,222 smart cars
  • 26,500 truckloads of dirt were removed
  • 33 species of new trees, shrubs and grass will be planted

Print the "What's going on at the construction site?" activity sheet.