Bass Childhood Cancer Center Services


At the Bass Center, we’re committed to outstanding clinical care and research for children with cancer. We are a leading center for the treatment of leukemia and lymphomas in children. Our family-centered care approach means you’ll have an active role alongside our esteemed experts to deliver the best possible care and outcome for your child. We have dedicated cancer programs in the areas of:

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Blood Diseases and Disorders

Hematologists at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford diagnose and treat children with a variety of blood diseases and disorders. Our team works with obstetricians to offer services ranging from prenatal diagnosis to genetic counseling. We have dedicated hematology programs in the areas of:

  • Bone Marrow Failure
  • Hemoglobinopathies
  • Hemostasis and Thrombosis
  • Histocytic Disorders
  • Pediatric Transfusion

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Stem Cell Transplant

Commonly referred to as a bone marrow transplant, stem cell transplant acknowledges the fact that the stem cells necessary to regenerate blood and immune function can now be obtained from peripheral or umbilical cord blood, as well as from bone marrow. We have dedicated stem cell transplant programs in the areas of:

  • Genetic Diseases
  • Immune Deficiencies
  • Late Effects of Stem Cell Transplantation
  • Malignant Diseases

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