Developmental Pediatrics

Inpatient Developmental Consultation and Care

Every baby develops at their own pace. Our team is here to provide an initial assessment for every baby born at our hospital, as well as support and care to babies and their families in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Our multidisciplinary team works with parents to establish an individualized plan of care appropriate to the developmental needs and sensitivities of your baby. Developmental and behavioral assessments may lead to recommendations for services to help your baby after discharge. The team also supports and advises families on their Neonatal Intensive Care Unit experience and parenting a high-risk infant.

Our inpatient consultations are also available for children in other hospital settings. Developmental assessments are provided to assist in medical care and in the transition to the home and community after a prolonged hospitalization.

High Risk Infant Follow-up

Our team sees infants who are:

  • Born at risk for developmental delays or behavioral problems due to prematurity
  • Born with other medical complications that resulted in hospitalization in one of our Neonatal Intensive Care Units

As they grow, children are evaluated in an outpatient setting at regular intervals to monitor their development. At each visit, your infant will receive individualized developmental assessment and you will receive guidance and information to support your child’s progress. We also coordinate referrals to community agencies and early intervention programs.

Developmental Consultations

When you or your pediatrician have a concern that your child may need support for their development, behavior or social communication, we provide assessments and recommendations for care and support. New patients may be referred to our clinic by parents, physicians or other care providers.

We are part of the Stanford Autism Center at Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford and provide diagnostic services for children suspected of having or diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. Our interdisciplinary team of specialists have a strong emphasis on family-centered care. Referrals to community-based resources and services complement other treatments.

Preemie Graduate Services

This family-centered resource and support service is aimed at continuing interdisciplinary care for issues specific to preschool and school age children born prematurely or with related complications at birth. Our staff gathers information specific to issues of prematurity and your child's ongoing needs. Services include information, consultation, evaluation, advocacy and referral. These services support families in nurturing their child’s growth and development by understanding their individual child’s strengths and areas of need.

Outreach Location

We provide a monthly high-risk infant follow-up outreach clinic at:

Dominican Santa Cruz Hospital
Rehabilitation Services Building
610 Frederick Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
For an appointment, call (650) 725-8995

Research Support Services

We support and provide advances in neonatal medicine through participation in a nationwide, multi-center cooperative research effort through the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. Consistent with our mission to provide outstanding neonatal care, special research programs provide additional developmental information useful for families in gaining insight about their children.