Pediatric Emergency Department

Stanford Hospital & Clinics' pediatric emergency department provides emergency treatment to Bay Area children in a kid-friendly atmosphere. We provide an environment in our emergency room that is non-threatening and calming to children and informative and assuring to their parents. All patients receive care from team members who specialize in caring for children.

Our team and facility are equipped to handle a wide range of medical problems.  We treat anything from:

  • Infectious conditions such as colds, acute gastroenteritis, croup and bronchiolitis
  • Chronic, recurrent illnesses such as asthma, sickle cell disease, cancer, hemophilia, AIDS or seizures
  • Acute traumatic injuries (We are an ACS-verified Level 1 pediatric trauma center)
  • Critical illnesses  

Children who require additional care can be admitted to Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, just down the hall from our emergency department.  Since Packard Children’s provides high level care in all pediatric specialties, there is no need to transfer the child to another hospital.

View the Pediatric Emergency Department reference card to print out phone numbers and a map (PDF).

Our Facility

Take a virtual tour of the pediatric emergency department.

When children and their parents arrive at our facility, they follow a blue river pattern in the floor from the adult emergency room to the pediatric area. Once they are in the pediatric area, we have play activities, movies and games to reduce a child’s anxiety and fear about their emergency department visit. The pediatric waiting room is stocked with children’s toys and activities and free wireless Internet access for parents who bring their own laptop computers. A big screen television in the waiting room shows short cartoons and informational materials.

Our seven exam rooms have televisions and iMac computers with children’s games, music, movies and Internet access. Each room is also equipped with monitors that are linked to the central nursing station. This allows our team to constantly observe the child’s vital signs.

Two of our exam rooms can function as isolation rooms for children with communicable diseases.  We also have a critical care area to treat our most critically ill or injured patients.

Meet Our Patients

Alexandre Acra Alexandre Acra
After Alexandre Acra cut his forearm on a broken window, the Pediatric Emergency Department, Hand and Upper Limb team, and Occupational Therapy all contributed to a successful surgery and recovery.