Pediatric Heart Transplant

The world’s first successful pediatric heart transplant was performed in 1984 at Stanford Hospital. We continue to play a pivotal role in developing innovations in pediatric heart transplantation through our Heart Center, which is nationally ranked by U.S. News & World Report and the highest ranked in Northern California for a decade. In addition, we were number one in pediatric heart transplant volume on the West Coast during 2014.

Recent accomplishments include reducing and preventing heart transplant coronary artery disease, understanding how viral infections affect the transplanted organ, and using non-invasive molecular testing to determine a patient’s risk for rejections. In addition to these advances, our doctors are testing a new generation of drug treatments that can help avoid the need for a transplant in children with heart failure. Learn more about our treatment and options.

Our team has performed more than 300 pediatric heart transplants to date, about 15 transplants each year, making us one of the most experienced pediatric heart transplant programs in the nation. Even with the volume of transplants we handle and the complicated cases that are referred to us (e.g. severe congenital heart disease and pulmonary hypertension), we have the largest number of long-term survivors in the world and some of the best survival rates.

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