Hip Preservation Program

Hips are at the core of the body’s structure and function. Stable and flexible hips allow children to run, jump, sit, and squat with ease. Many childhood hip problems can result in persistent hip pain and arthritis in adulthood. Through timely diagnosis and treatment, we can turn a painful hip in a growing child into a healthy hip that will last a lifetime.

The Hip Preservation Program is a part of the Children’s Orthopedic Center and the Stanford Child and Adult Hip Preservation Center. It is the first comprehensive program of its kind on the West Coast focused on treating hip problems that affect children, adolescents and young adults. Our goal is to enhance hip function in active individuals through injury prevention and surgical intervention. The program is led by Stephanie Pun, MD, who specializes in hip disorders and cutting-edge surgical treatments.

Conditions We Treat
Most children who are treated by our team have one of the following disorders:

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