Our occupational therapists work with children and their families to promote active participation in activities that are meaningful to children

Occupational Therapy Services

What Is a Child’s Occupation?

Occupation refers to activities that may support your child's health, development and well-being. For children, occupations are activities that enable them to:

  • Learn and develop life skills (e.g., school activities)
  • Be creative and/or have fun (e.g., play)
  • Thrive (e.g., care for themselves and others)

Occupational Therapy Services

When a child has a serious illness or injury, medically-based or rehabilitative occupational therapy services may be provided. Our developmentally appropriate services improve your child’s functional abilities and independence by emphasizing:

  • Physical skills to increase movement, strength and/or coordination
  • Adaptive skills – Age-appropriate skills necessary to live independently and to function safely and appropriately in daily life
  • Cognitive abilities
  • Sensorimotor skills – How the child processes information received from the environment
  • Visual motor and perceptual skills
  • Social and interpersonal skills

Our occupational therapists will create a treatment plan that addresses your child’s unique needs by:

  • Collaborating with other health care professionals to identify your child’s needs
  • Identifying and changing or overcoming barriers that interfere with, restrict or inhibit your child’s functional performance
  • Teaching your child and family modeling skills and strategies to extend therapeutic intervention
  • Adapting activities, materials and environmental conditions so your child can participate in activities

We work with children who are staying in the hospital (inpatients) and with children who are not hospitalized (outpatients).

Patient Stories

Alexandre Acra
After Alexandre Acra cut his forearm on a broken window, the Pediatric Emergency Department, Hand and Upper Limb and Occupational Therapy teams all contributed to a successful surgery and recovery.

Occupational Therapy Care Team

  • Kelly Andrasik, OTR/L

    Kelly Andrasik, OTR/L

  • Ginny Bradshaw, OTR/L

    Ginny Bradshaw, OTR/L

  • Michelle Briggs, OTR/L

    Michelle Briggs, OTR/L

  • Peter Briggs, OTR/L

    Peter Briggs, OTR/L

  • Jennifer Miye Chan, OTR/L, CHT

    Jennifer Miye Chan, OTR/L, CHT

  • Amy Fahey, OTR/L

    Amy Fahey, OTR/L

  • Allison Freccero, OTR/L

    Allison Freccero, OTR/L

  • Eiri Inenaga, OTR/L

    Eiri Inenaga, OTR/L

  • Janis Kitsuwa-Lowe, OTR/L

    Janis Kitsuwa-Lowe, OTR/L

  • Shayna Newell, OTD, OTR/L

    Shayna Newell, OTD, OTR/L

  • Sara Novak MS, OTR/L

    Sara Novak MS, OTR/L

  • Allison Paterson, OTR/L

    Allison Paterson, OTR/L

  • Sandra Rizzuto, OTD, OTR/L

    Sandra Rizzuto, OTD, OTR/L

  • Anne Sinha, OTR/L

    Anne Sinha, OTR/L

  • Marianna Thorn, OTR/L

    Marianna Thorn, OTR/L

  • Annette van Boldrik, OTR/L

    Annette van Boldrik, OTR/L

  • Sarah Willhalm, OTR/L

    Sarah Willhalm, OTR/L