Placental Disorders

The Placental Disorders team provides care and support for pregnant women whose placentas have grown across the cervix or attached too deeply to the uterus (placenta previa, accreta, increta and percreta).

We are part of the Johnson Pregnancy and Newborn Center and Fetal and Pregnancy Health Services.

Our mission is to make sure you and your baby have the best care possible by providing:

  • Comprehensive care from a team of obstetric and pediatric specialists. Women with placental disorders require very complex care. A multidisciplinary team of specialists can help to minimize complications that can include premature birth and life-threatening maternal hemorrhage.

    Packard Children’s Hospital is the only children’s hospital in the Bay Area – and one of the few in the country – to offer obstetric, neonatal and pediatric services all in one place. Our capabilities, combined with those of neighboring Stanford Health Care, mean that we can meet your or your baby’s needs during your pregnancy and delivery.

  • A single point of contact. We provide you with a single point of entry for accessing the broad range of diagnostic, medical and surgical experts who will care for you during your pregnancy. We are here to provide the information, support and resources that you, your family and your doctor need.

  • Family support and integrated care. Our services include everything from making sure you and your obstetrician are well-informed about your condition, to helping arrange accommodations, to providing support and compassion.

  • Consistent, complete information and help to understand what it means. We believe that providing you with the information you need better prepares you for the rest of your pregnancy. It also helps you actively participate on your health care team. Your participation is a key component of the family-centered care we provide.