Our Teams

World-Class Specialists, Collaborative Approach

The Johnson Center for Pregnancy and Newborn Services is made up of world-leading doctors, nurses and staff who provide nurturing care and comfort while advancing the science and delivery of care  from preconception to pregnancy and delivery and neonatology.

For women with fertility issues, our Fertility and Reproductive Health team offers advanced treatment options and leading-edge services to help build families.

All of our providers undergo rigorous simulation training in managing unexpected birth or newborn health scenarios. Teams train together to ensure seamless coordination for extraordinary outcomes. Our OB Simulation Program provides realistic scenarios designed to teach obstetric teams the technical, behavioral and communication skills necessary for optimal performance when faced with real-life emergencies. Just as pilots train on flight simulators to practice their skills, learn new ones and make flying safer, the OB Simulation Program provides labor and delivery teams with a safe way to refine their skills and improve patient safety.

Our neonatology team is ranked among the country’s top 15 — and #1 in the West — by U.S. News & World Report. This caliber of specialists is available in several locations, so that you can get the very best care close to home.

Our commitment to Family-Centered Care means that you are an integral part of your own care team. You choose the level of involvement that’s right for you. Together, we deliver the strongest start for you and your baby.

Learn about each of our teams: