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From evaluation and diagnosis through individualized treatment plans and follow-up, our sports medicine specialists provide fully integrated care for the young athlete.

Sports Medicine

Kids play hard and don’t like being on the sidelines. Our team of sports medicine physicians, physical therapists and athletic trainers work with kids of all ages to minimize the risk of injury and time away from sports.

From concussion testing and treatment to minimally invasive procedures for sports injuries, Stanford Children’s Health sports medicine specialists keep kids performing at their best whether they’re on the court, field, track, stage or in the pool.

Our Sports Medicine Program is part of Stanford Children’s Health Orthopedic Center. It is comprised of experts with specialized fellowship training in sports medicine and pediatrics, making it a young athlete’s optimal choice for injury prevention, recovery and maximum performance. Additionally, the program’s multidisciplinary team collaborates with specialists outside of sports medicine to provide athletes with comprehensive support.

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