Meet Your Care Team

Once you arrive and check in, you and your child will soon meet many members of the team dedicated to caring for your child.

Pediatric Anesthesia Team

This team will make sure your child receives the safest anesthesia (medicine to drift your child to sleep) and is monitored carefully during the procedure. The anesthesia team is led by an attending physician and includes students, residents (doctors at different levels of training), fellows and anesthesia nurse practitioners.

Surgical Team

Just before your procedure, you may have a chance to talk briefly with a member of the surgical team. Your child’s surgeon will meet with you afterwards to update you about the surgery.


Nurses in the Ford Family Surgery Center take care of your child each step of the way.  They can answer any questions and help you and your child feel comfortable. Our nurses include: pre-operative care (before surgery), operating room care (during surgery), and post-operative care (after surgery).

Child Life Specialists

Child Life Specialists can help prepare your child for the procedure or surgery. They also teach children and parents ways to stay calm and relaxed before the surgery. Just ask any member of our care team if you or your child would like to meet with a Child Life Specialist.

Other Team Members

Our team of medical assistants, patient navigators, and volunteers are available to provide additional support while you are here for your child’s procedure or surgery. Please let us know if we can help you in any way.

Learn more about the role of fellows, residents, and medical students in your child’s care.