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There are untapped markets that are looking for services like yours. 27,000 students, faculty, and staff on campus read our publication. The businesses that they go to are the ones that are in our newspaper. We can help you be that business.


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We look forward to connecting your business with Stanford.

Kevin Zhang, Chief Operating Officer

The Stanford Daily Publishing Corporation

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For National Advertisers, ASSU, University and Local Advertisers: advertising@stanforddaily.com

Phone: (650) 721-5803

Purchase Classifieds: To purchase classifieds, please follow the instructions below:

Interested in getting your classified ad in front of thousands of Stanford community members?! Post your ad copy now through our user-friendly website.
1. Visit  https://stanforddaily.campusave.com
2. Select “+Post Classifieds” on the top right hand side of the page  (above “Welcome” and “Logout”)
3. Create a free account under the “New Users” section of the pop-up form
4. Select Begin Posting Ads
5. Answer question #1- Select Print Ads ONLY (to appear in the print edition of paper)
5a. Answer question #1 – Select Online & Print Line Ads (to appear in both print and online edition of paper)
5b. Answer question #1 – Select Online ONLY (to appear in online edition of paper)
6. Select the dates you would like your ad to appear (and any special requests you may have)
7. Review and approve preview
8. Submit billing info
9. Appear in The Stanford Daily Classified Section on your chosen run dates!
Please contact us at advertising@stanforddaily.com if you have any questions or to request information about our rates and various offerings!
  • lkoran

    posting the actual rates on this page would be helpful, rather than requiring an interested party to make a phone call or send an email to discover what the rates are.
    L. Koran, M.D., Professor of Psychiatry, Emeritus

  • Michael S. Altus

    Yes, and thank you, Dr. Koran.

  • Michael S. Altus

    Yes, and thank you, Dr. Koran.

  • R. Moore

    I was thinking the same thing. as Dr. Koran. I am here inquiring about advertising in the paper for my business. Most of the other college newspapers have rate information available on the websites.