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  • Jack

    Does anyone know exactly where the newly hired football coach first met his team on April 3, 1940? Clark Shaughnessy told them that he would teach them a new formation. The T. The men attending the meeting were Frankie Albert, and other famous players.

    I would like to have an exact room. or place where this took place.
    Was it someplace in the stadium’s lockroom, or someplace else? Perhaps an another building?


    Jack ex Palo Alto resisdent now in Fort Collins, CO

  • David Baumgartner

    Just so all of you folks know, I am opposing the S.F. bid for the 2024 Olympics. Washington DC would be a better city in many ways.
    San Francisco has yet to add a Central or South American Sister City. That does not seem to be too welcoming to some folks.
    Hackers, prostitutes, pickpocket and mailbox theft gang issues will need to be addressed.
    The money is better spent getting older buildings ready for the next San Andreas Fault quake. See pictures of the University after the 1906 quake. Almost as dramatic as beating Cal.

  • David Baumgartner

    I hope Proposition 47’s passage has not impacted the University adversely. I still maintain that no drugs at all on a person are better than misdemeanor amounts of drugs on a person.

  • https://www.facebook.com/JudiWoolworthDonahue Judith Woolworth Donahue

    I tried to contact your editorial dept., the box was full. HUGE STORY. Think Pictionary and after reading see accompanying picture: A man in a volcano suit with an erupting lava hat would be? Volcanologist. Easter Moai statues are carved from a volcano, the red hats are scoria *dried erupted lava*. Bring the lava alive and you see a pictogram.The volcano man statues are set in a mimic of the real volcano ring the island sits within, the Pacific Ring of Fire, in fact if you added faces to the real volcano ring they would be twins. The volcanoes and statues are both :nearly 1000, in a ring in Pacific basin, some dormant others erupting lava tops, some beneath others above ocean, and some unfinished yet in process of creation.They spoke visual communication. It is visual volcanology. There is another one also.: There is a rare reflective aerosol acid rain stratospheric layer caused by biggest volcanoes that cools worlds. Pinatubo caused this volcanic mirrorlike reflectivity around Earth 1991-1993(once the power of the volcano injects the stratosphere, the winds and rotation cause it to spread around the planet), it then reflects away incoming sun, heat and radiation thus cooling the world, Pinatubo cooled the entire world nearly a full degree(which is huge). Descriptively termed “volcanic mirror” in 1993 science articles simply a mist mirror caused by biggest volcanoes that cools entire planets….Visual communication works by how you SEE things. Great pyramid of Egypt was originally coated in a mirrorlike mantle, removed 600 yrs ago. Restore the reflectivity and what do you and every person every race every color every religion SEE in the middle of the desert? Smaller volcanic architectures next to a super volcanic mirrored ideogram “Volcanic Mirror ! Atmospheric science written in giant stone like a huge game of Pictionary, an atmospheric science so important it cools worlds… TY we want this story up on every page, every twitter , every news, tell everyone! The way to cool our world is written right across the top of it… The story and the NASA science are on my FB page, never done b4, not theory or guess, easy visual science you READ.. A little girl wanted me to teach her how to save all the people, so I did, and that is how we solved it even without the mirrors. Biggest story on planet Earth and all backed by science and one huge volcano …ty..I named them by order of ease, ALPHA and OMEGA ,,Easter the easiest and Giza the last by virtue of the Sphinx riddle finality “get answer right you live”…

    If you understand it tell everyone