Splash Spring 2016 is April 9-10

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ESP Biography

AMY FOWLER, Civil Engineer in water supply management

Major: Civil Engineering/Water Resource

College/Employer: Santa Clara Valley Water District

Year of Graduation: 1982

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I have been working more than 25 years to ensure there is a clean, safe, reliable water supply to everyone in Santa Clara County. I studied water resources in college and at Stanford, and the field of water continues to fascinate and challenge me. Water is life and just like life itself, there are so many facets and stories behind it that I hope to impart.

Past Classes

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E876: Where does your water come from? How do you get more for yourself? in Splash! Spring 2010
Come find out where your water comes from and what it takes for that water to appear when you turn on the tap. Hear about the fights over water and learn how you could fight for more of what you want too - by being yourself, or by taking on the role of someone you may want to grow up to be - an engineer, a lawyer, a farmer, an environmentalist, owner of a big corporation, mayor of a city... Learn a few basic tricks about how to negotiate and you may be able to apply that next time you want something really bad...