Splash Spring 2016 is April 9-10

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ESP Biography

EVA ORBUCH, Stanford junior in urban studies and education

Major: urban studies

College/Employer: Stanford

Year of Graduation: 2011

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Brief Biographical Sketch:

I am a third year stanford student and percussionist. I am very passionate about drumming and I want to spread the knowledge and love of it to others.

Past Classes

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L1387: How to Be A World Changer in Splash! Spring 2011
Do you want to change the world through activism, public service, philanthropy, etc? This class is for students who may already be involved in world-changing projects or who simply have an idea for how to do so. Whatever stage you are at in your journey of service, join us for a workshop that will give you concrete skills in finding an idea that aligns with your passions, coming up with a plan, and making it happen!

P826: Playing Percussion From Around the World in Splash! Spring 2010
This workshop offers the opportunity to learn a variety of percussion rhythms and jam on various instruments, with a focus on African and latin drumming. Learn the correct hits on a drum, how to play in a group and try out your own solos! The first hour and a half will focus on simply percussion rhythms on drums, shakers, etc. In the second hour and a half, we will combine with another course that was learning music composition on various instruments, and we will come up with a joint music piece!