Splash Spring 2016 is April 9-10

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ESP Biography

SPENCER BOUCHER, Recent college grad fascinated by our brains.

Major: Department of Psychiatry

College/Employer: Stanford School of Medicine

Year of Graduation: 2011

Picture of Spencer Boucher

Brief Biographical Sketch:

Spencer graduated from Rice University in 2011 before moving to California to work as a research assistant at Stanford in the Center for Interdisciplinary Brain Sciences Research. He enjoys exploring new places, peoples, and (especially) ideas- and helping other people do the same.

Past Classes

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H1935: The Art of the Slackline in Splash! Spring 2012
Learn to slackline!

L2221: Anyone Can Make It - Success Stories from Underrepresented Students at Stanford in Splash! Spring 2012
School is so boring. Classes, grades, homework, tests, it’s all so useless, right? As true as it seems, it all has a purpose. In this class, you’ll talk to students from underrepresented backgrounds who made it to Stanford and are thriving as leaders today. These students thought the same things as you when they were in school and fought hard to get through it. They’ll tell their stories and provide their thoughts on the key elements to success as an student from an underserved or underrepresented area. They will also discuss how to make the most out of your education and programs like Splash!

B1721: "Braiiinnnsss: the neuroscience of zombies" in Splash! Fall 2011
What would a real-life zombie be like? Why do zombies do what they do? If the zombie- apocalypse were to happen tomorrow, would you have the knowledge to be a survivor? Insights from biology and neuroscience can answer these questions and more! Students will get the chance to see real brains!