Splash Spring 2016 is April 9-10

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Major: Chemical Engineering

College/Employer: Stanford

Year of Graduation: 2013

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Past Classes

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V2898: Performance Science: Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine in Splash! Spring 2013
If you're interested in learning about science in a creative and interactive way, this class is for you! Students will learn about key concepts and advances in regenerative medicine. You'll then present your findings through a creative display of your choice. What would be the best way to teach your fellow classmates about things like stem cells and cloning? Poetry? A dramatic skit? Interpretive dance? Come prepared to learn and relate to science in a unique way! Taught by the Stanford Student Society for Stem Cell Research.

H2946: Make Your Own Manga in Splash! Spring 2013
Have you ever wondered how your favorite manga goes from a concept to a physical book? In this class we'll explore the history and process of manga publishing. Then you'll have the opportunity to make a storyboard and start your own manga. Come with a creative mind and an interest in diverse field.

B2166: The Great Stem Cell Debate in Splash! Spring 2012
After some background information about recent developments in stem cell technology, therapy, research is provided, students will get to roleplay and debate and discuss the ethical implications behind these advancements and about the future of stem cell research. Get ready to "roll"-play!

B1401: 21st Century Advancements in Stem Cell Technology in Splash! Spring 2011
So you've heard about stem cells on the news or in class, and you'd like to find out more about what they can do. This course, taught by members of the Stanford Student Society for Stem Cell Research, will cover recent advancements in stem cell technology and research. If you've ever wondered whether stem cells can be used to grow organs, repair spinal cord injuries, or cure cancer, this class is for you!

S1036: Stem Cells: What are they? Why do we care? in Splash! Fall 2010
What do stem cells look like? How are stem cells grown and used to treat diseases? How many different kinds of stem cells do each of us have in our bodies? Is stem cell research ethical? In this class, we will explore these questions and many more.