Splash Spring 2016 is April 9-10

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ESP Biography

CHASE BLANCHARD, Stanford Sophomore Studying Business

Major: Management Science and Engineeri

College/Employer: Stanford

Year of Graduation: 2012

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Brief Biographical Sketch:

I'm from Florida, I love football, soccer, tennis and golf. On my free time, I might also read, watch T.V., or find interesting ways to waste time online. I always strive to be the best possible at everything I do, which is why I often rely on books to help me improve. I'm also very friendly, and like meeting new people.

Past Classes

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H587: Practical Ways to Improve Your Social Skills in Splash! Fall 2009
Come learn really practical advice on how to portray yourself as a more confident person. This class will teach you how to improve your body language, voice, and communication skills. It covers topics such as detecting lies, acting in uncomfortable situations, and meeting new people. This class draws from over 1500 pages of research to help you understand negative and positive behaviors in social interactions you never thought actually mattered.