Splash Spring 2016 is April 9-10

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ESP Biography

M.J MA, an artist a designer a dancer kind of a programmer

Major: Computer Science

College/Employer: Stanford

Year of Graduation: 2014

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Past Classes

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V3521: Jazz it Up - the art of solo jazz dance in Splash! Spring 2014
Have you ever heard music and just wanted to dance to it, but didn't know what moves to do? Did you worry that you would look silly? Or - do you think you are already an awesome dancer and want to be even more awesome? Come to this class and learn some solo jazz! We will start with simple and silly moves you can already do and build up to more complex and fancy ones that you will be able to whip out confidently on any dance floor!

L3651: Stretch it out! in Splash! Spring 2014
Stretching is one of the most important things to do in life that people often forget about. Come prepared to stretch and relax through some basic yoga moves, and also discover your body's limits and potential.

V3228: Just Swing It! in Splash! Fall 2013
Have you ever watched "Dancing With The Star" and thought "I wish I could do that"? Start with this class! We will learn partner swing dance basics that will get you moving on the dance floor. We will also add in some fun solo jazz moves that will allow you to be creative and wow your audience.

L2310: How to Love in Splash! Spring 2012
What is the most common theme in movies, songs and books? Do you know the secret to ultimate peace and happiness in life? Well, the answer to both questions is simple - love. Loving is the most important thing we do in life. In this class, we will learn how to love well. Specifically, we will learn how to love those who are mysterious to us - the opposite gender, whether it is your female/male friends or boyfriend/girlfriend. We will practice the essence of love with discussion, reflection, games and fun!

V1886: Dancing 101: Groovin' to the Music in Splash! Fall 2011
Dancing is about grooving to the music and just having fun with it! In this high energy dance class, we will take a wide variety of movements inspired by various styles including hip hop, jazz, swing, breakdance, and house and make them our own. By the end of this class you will learn how to express yourself through dance with creativity and musicality.

H1171: How to Draw Trees (or anything else)~ in Splash! Fall 2010
Do you know Stanford has LOTSA trees? Do you know trees are among the hardest things to draw? Come learn various kinds of tree drawings~ or just drawing in general, with pencils and charcoals and get your hands dirty~~ (we might go on mini field trips if we have time~)

P787: Beats 101 in Splash! Spring 2010
Sing your song and have your own beats~ Come learn basic beats for drum sets that can go with your favorite music~~

H844: Chinese cooking 101 in Splash! Spring 2010
If Chu can cook, so can you! In this hands-on class you'll get a chance to chop and dice and learn how to prepare awesome Chinese dishes, such as Mapo tofu, in under 15 minutes, so you can go home and impress your friends and family, Chef Chu style! If time permits we'll also throw in some dessert Crepe lessons. Come on empty stomach; you won't be able to resist the temptation of the food you just made yourself!