Splash Spring 2016 is April 9-10

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ESP Biography

MAI NGUYEN, Stanford senior studying psychology/biology

Major: psychology/biology

College/Employer: Stanford

Year of Graduation: 2012

Picture of Mai Nguyen

Brief Biographical Sketch:

I'm a senior at Stanford majoring in psychology and biology. I'm interested in neuroscience at multiple levels of study, from neuron signalling all the way up to functional MRI. I work in the Vision and Perception Neuroscience Lab, studying congenital prosopagnosia, a selective deficit in face-recognition ability.

Past Classes

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B1998: Like a Hole in My Head in Splash! Spring 2012
A brief history of the mishaps, illnesses, and straight up stupidity that put holes in people's heads and taught us something about how our brains work. Landmark psychology and neuroscience studies using a variety of scientific methods (ranging from cutting-edge neuroimaging to "let's cut this bit out and hope nothing bad happens") will be presented. "Holey" topics may include aphasias, amnesia, personality, decision making, face blindness, loss of fear, and object perception.

S1622: Hiding in Plain Sight: The Art and Science of Seeing in Splash! Fall 2011
We like to think that visual perception is a truly objective experience, but what we see (and don't see) can easily be tricked. This course will introduce the biology of vision, including cutting-edge research using functional imaging, as well as research from psychology showing how limited vision can be. We will finish by examining and explaining famous visual illusions.