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November 25, 2014
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Tango Employees Teach at Stanford Splash

Michael Wei, Tango’s Games BI lead and Stanford alumnus, teamed up with colleague Justin Fraize, Tango’s Senior Software Engineer to volunteer at the Fall Stanford Splash to teach students in grades 7th – 12th about how mobile phones physically work.


Initially not sure of what to expect, Michael and Justin found the students to be completely engaged and fascinated about taking mobile devices apart. The kids asked questions from the basic “But, why?” to “Is this poisonous?” and Michael and Justin were happy to say they had all the answers.


Justin said, “I was pretty hesitant of how it would all go because I’m not a teacher, but when I realized how genuinely interested the students were and that I could answer all their questions, the experience turned out to be pretty cool.”

At the end of the course, it turned out that the kids weren’t the only ones who learned something new. Michael said, “I actually ended up learning from Justin during our lesson as he covered more points about the phone’s hardware, so for me I got the best of both worlds, I got to teach and learn.”



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