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  1. Remembering Susan O’Malley, ’99, a hope-filled artist and dear friend:

  2. Alaska as seen by Stanford Sophomore College students. More:

  3. Who falls for financial scams? "The answer is, there's no easy answer," says 's Marti DeLiema:

  4. Can kids find happiness in the classroom? Stanford's Emma Seppala offers hope:

  5. Sighing is more than an emotional cue: It's actually a life-saving reflex.

  6. Two Supreme Court justices graduated from in 1952:

  7. Made from carbon dioxide and plants, this renewable plastic is a green alternative to petroleum-derived products:

  8. The mysterious origins of the Enchanted Broccoli Forest:

  9. Nobel laureate Al Roth, of : "Refugees are not widgets to be redistributed or warehoused. They are people."

  10. Leland Stanford, co-founder of the university, was born on this day on this day in 1824.

  11. Morris Fiorina: A contested convention would be messy but potentially worth experiencing.

  12. This advanced artificial skin is a step away from giving prosthetics a sense of touch:

  13. Virtual dissection? Tech tools are transforming Stanford medical education:

  14. Lessons in leadership from a 92-year-old product designer:

  15. .: We have to remember that modern movements are rooted in decades of struggle.

  16. As income segregation rises, poor kids are increasingly likely to attend low-income schools:

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