Track your application or petition as it moves through the immigration process

Locate your nearest field or international USCIS office

Schedule a free appointment to visit a local USCIS office and get answers on your case


Apply for citizenship and start the process to become a United States citizen

Study for the citizenship test with these resources which include the naturalization self-test

These resources can help educators prepare their students for the civics portion of the naturalization test and serve as a self-study tool for students


Get more information about Green Card eligibility and learn how to apply

Find out when you need to renew your Green Card and how to begin the process

Learn how to remove conditions on your Green Card


You may be able to apply for an H-1B visa if you are working in a specialty occupation and meet the eligibility requirements

Learn about F-1 and M-1 student visas and rules about working

You may be able to live permanently in the United States if you have certain skills, education, and work experience and meet eligibility requirements


Find the information you need to petition for your relatives to immigrate to the United States.

Learn about petitioning for certain family members to immigrate to the U.S. as permanent residents

Get details on bringing your foreign national fiancé(e) to the U.S. to marry


Employers - join over 500,000 other employers and enroll in this service to check the employment eligibility of your new employees today

Find out who must use this form to verify employment eligibility and how to complete and retain the form correctly

Visit myE-Verify to access the Self Check and Self Lock features and to learn more about E-Verify and you

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