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Silicon Valley businessesIn recent years, Federal and State funding for major transportation projects have been diminishing.  Limited resources are stretched and on-going maintenance and operating expenses must be given priority for funding.  To build a world class transportation system that can serve the future, as well as current needs of businesses and residents in Santa Clara County, we must think differently about how we design, finance and operate our transportation infrastructure. VTA is situated in the heart of Silicon Valley, supporting the continued success of thousands of start-ups, as well as globally renowned technology leaders.  We are surrounded by great minds that are constantly looking for a better way to do everything, from brushing your teeth to exploring the outer reaches of space.  Any one who lives in the valley knows that when the economy booms, congestion worsens, lengthening travel times and diminishing commuters' quality of life.  Given our limited resources and commitment to sustainability, we know we can not build our way out of gridlock.  Instead, we must look for opportunities to collaborate with neighboring businesses and other community stakeholders, tapping the technical expertise and innovative spirit that defines Silicon Valley, finding creative new ways to meet our transportation needs.
VTA is actively pursuing new opportunities to engage the community in efforts to improve our transportation system. Our newly created Business Development program provides a framework for this expanded outreach, enhancing the way VTA shares data, tracks industry trends,and ultimately the way that we design, demonstrate, and fund projects that will move us forward.  

To make it easy for businesses to present their concepts for improving transportation infrastructure, we have created a simple Partnership Project Proposal form to gather the most basic information about a potential collaborative project. If you have an idea for an innovation project to improve the efficiency, safety, or customer experience of our transportation system, we encourage you to fill out the form, or call us to set up a meeting to discuss your idea.

VTA has also created an interactive space called the VTA Transportation Innovation Center where we can design, test, and showcase innovation projects in collaboration with university students, businesses and other partners.  Please visit the Innovation Center page to learn more about the exciting projects we are currently working on.