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Doing Business with VTA: FAQ

  1. I want to be able to bid on VTA solicitations, how do I sign up?
    There are two ways to sign up as a "vendor" on our system; either through an existing solicitation or on our Vendor Registration page. Either way, you just enter your email address in the field provided on the page and click the button. If you are already a vendor an email will be sent to the email address we have on file that has verifies the information we have on file and instructions on how to update anything that is outdated. If you are not in the system you will be asked to submit your vendor information. Once complete you will be sent an email verifying your information and with a link that you must click to verify and complete the sign up process.

  2. If I am already a vendor, how do I verify my information is correct?
    Much like creating an account, you can verify your information by entering your email address on a specific solicitation or on our Vendor Registration page. Either way, your vendor information will be sent to the email address entered along with instructions on how to change your information. All of this is done through the email address of the vendor account.

  3. I lost my log-in name and password, how do I retrieve it?
    You do not need a vendor log-in name or password anymore; everything is done through the vendor email address. You will need access to the email account associated with the vendor account so that your can verify information sent via email and go to special links that only work through the email message.

  4. Why did you change from the old VTA procurement system?
    The old VTA vendor subscription system was set up using older technology. The system was recently rebuilt with new technology, and to simplify the vendor experience we decided to perform verification through email so that you don't have to remember yet another log in name and password.