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Monitoring and Conformance Report

VTA serves as the Congestion Management Agency (CMA) for Santa Clara County. CMAs are required by California State statute to monitor roadway traffic congestion and the impact of land use and transportation decisions on a countywide level, at least every two years.

VTA conducts CMP monitoring and produces the CMP Monitoring & Conformance Report on an annual basis. To minimize the cost of data collection, the scope of work is reduced every other year during odd-numbered years as a “mini report.”

The following components are included in the CMP Monitoring Report:

  • Traffic level of service for freeways, rural highways and CMP-designated intersections
  • Land use element to analyze impacts of land use decisions from residential and commercial approvals
  • Travel time surveys of the expressway system
  • Bicycle and pedestrian counts at ten intersections throughout the county
  • Implementation status reports from Cities with adopted Deficiency Plans

Current Report

Technical Appendices


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