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Accessibility: Transit Amenities - Passenger Access

bus rampBus Lifts and Ramps

VTA wheelchair lifts, ramps, and device spaces on buses are maintained at the standards established by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). .

VTA customers with Mobility devices  that fit on, can be supported by a lift or ramp, and can be maneuvered in and on the bus or light rail train, are welcomed aboard VTA buses and light rail trains.  If a mobility device is too large to fully enter the bus or light rail train, is blocking an aisle, or would interfere with the safe evacuation of passengers in an emergency, the customer can be denied service.  

Customers without mobility devices may also use bus lifts and ramps upon request. VTA Coach Operators are required to provide a lift or ramp to anyone who requests this assistance.

Elevators, Stairs and Escalators

Elevator at a light rail station

Eleven light rail station platforms require the use of, elevators, stairs or escalators to access the trains:


Virginia Blossom Hill
Tamien Snell
Curtner Cottle
Capitol Main/Great Mall
Branham Montague
Reporting Inoperability

V T A field supervisor vanPassengers who encounter a bus with a lift that is not working should wait for the next bus. If the wait for the next bus is longer than 30 minutes, the driver will request a special lift-equipped van to provide transport. VTA’s new low floor buses have ramps for direct wheelchair boarding.

When an elevator is out-of-service, audio and message text announcements will be broadcast aboard Light Rail vehicles, at light rail stations, and on VTA’s website giving the location of the out-of-service elevator. Passengers who must deboard a train at a station with an out-of-service elevator should let the train’s operator know. The train operator will take steps to deboard you at another station and provide alternative transportation, if needed, to your desired station.

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Last update: 05/03/2016

Cinco De Mayo Week Reroutes: As needed, between Thursday May 5th - Sunday May 8th

Reroute of Line 35: in Palo Alto due to May Fete Parade 5/7

Reroute of Lines 23 & 323: due to Hola 5K Run 5/7

Temporary Bus Stop Relocation - Santa Clara @ First Street: