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Safety: Respect Drives Us

At VTA, our goal is to provide customers with a safe, comfortable trip every time they ride our system.  Clean vehicles, reliable service, and nice amenities like WiFi on the light rail, are just a few things that can make taking transit an enjoyable way to get around our county.

senior priority seatingOne thing that can quickly detract from this pleasant environment is someone on board the vehicle, or at a bus stop or station platform that does not care how his/her behavior or words affect fellow passengers or the vehicle operator.

This disrespect for the rights of others can quickly escalate from a Light rail stations feature system mapsmere annoyance to a highly volatile situation that can threaten the safety of our system.  For this reason, VTA is launching a campaign, “Respect Drives Us” to reinforce the VTA Code of Conduct while riding on our system, as well as to remind customers of things they can do when they find themselves in such a situation.

As the campaign progresses in the coming months, we will Route maps are available on VTA vehicleshighlight various situations that passengers and VTA staff may encounter, and how to respond. We will describe specific steps that can be taken to restore the peace and, if needed, to summon assistance.  Situations will include bullying, harassment, noise, and vandalism.

For the safety and comfort of our operator and all who ride our buses and trains, we are asking for your commitment and support for this campaign.  We hope you will visit our website to find out more about the campaign, as well as to share your suggestions for ensuring a pleasant time on VTA.


Click on an image to see the larger version of each "Respect Drives Us" car card:


English car card

Spanish car card

Vietnamese car card
Korean car card
Chinese car card


Click on an image to read the PDF version of the "Respect Drives Us!" campaign


 English Respect brochure  Spanish Respect brochure  Vietnamese Respect brochure  Chinese language Respect Brochure  Korean language Respect brochure
 English  Spanish  Vietnamese  Chinese  Korean


Click on the image to read the PDF version of the "Avoid the Fine" brochure:


 English Fare brochure  Spanish Fare brochure  Vietnamese Fare brochure  Chinese Fare brochure  Korean Fare brochure
 English  Spanish  Vietnamese  Chinese  Korean


Click on the image to read the PDF version of the "Say It" brochure:


 English      Chinese       Korean



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