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Safety: Bus Rider Safety

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Bus Rider Safety

Riding the bus helps to reduce traffic congestion, car emissions, and stress, but it’s important to always be safe when using the system. VTA instructs operators on how to be safe while driving and we ask riders to act in a safe manner as well.

Accidents are minimized when the operator, passengers, motorists and pedestrians all observe good safety practices. VTA wants to get you to your destination on time and safely.

Here are some good safety practices:

  • Don't "jump" in front of a moving bus. If you are preparing to load your bike on the rack, stay on the curb until the bus comes to a complete stop.
  • Don't run to catch a bus. Running to catch a bus can be dangerous, especially if the operator is pulling out of the stop.
  • Jay walking is illegal and can be especially dangerous to do in front of a bus. Buses do not stop as quickly as a car. Bus operators may have a hard time seeing you if you jay walk, especially if you walk out from between parked cars.
  • To avoid the risk of falling, don’t rush. Watch your step as you board the bus. 
  • Take your seat quickly when you board to avoid the risk of falling when the bus leaves the stop. If you must move about the bus while it's in motion, use the hand rail fixtures.
  • If you need to get your bike out of the bike rack, please exit from the front of the bus and remind the operator that you have to remove your bike.
  • Don't stand or sit in stair wells.
  • Keep your arms, head and feet inside the bus; don't stick them out the window.
  • If you are traveling with a baby in a stroller, please remove the child and fold the stroller before boarding.
  • Stay behind the white line at the front of the bus and don't distract the operator.

VTA supports the efforts of the Stanford Women's Coalition in their efforts to help stop  street harassment.

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Last update: 05/03/2016

Cinco De Mayo Week Reroutes: As needed, between Thursday May 5th - Sunday May 8th

Reroute of Line 35: in Palo Alto due to May Fete Parade 5/7

Reroute of Lines 23 & 323: due to Hola 5K Run 5/7

Temporary Bus Stop Relocation - Santa Clara @ First Street: