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Senior Assistance

Emergency ButtonHow to Get Help

Getting help while on board the bus is as simple as asking the operator. Operators can usually answer basic questions. The operator’s primary job is to drive the bus, which he/sheVTA Customer Service may not be able to safely do if your question is complex or requires an in-depth response. The light rail operator can be reached by pressing the red emergency buttons found on board all of our trains.

You are always welcome to ask one of our Information Service Representatives (ISR) your questions. ISRs can be reached at (408) 321-2300 from 6:00 am until 7:00 pm during the week, and from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm on Saturday.

We can also assist you via email at Other contact information for VTA is also available. Lastly, our website is a wealth of information.

Emergency Security Telephones

blue emergency security telephoneEmergency security telephones at light rail platforms are housed in a tall, blue tower in an ADA compliant structure. These telephones require no money to operate and accomplish only two functions; one connects passengers to 24-hour automated bus and rail information, and, if desired, transfers the call to a telephone representative during Customer Service hours. The emergency button connects users to 911. A blue light on top of the unit moves into strobe mode and can be seen by anyone in the immediate area, when the 911 button is pressed.

 Free or reduced cost cellular phone plans for low income seniors/families
If you or someone you know is in need of assistance in purchasing a mobile phone or looking for an affordable phone plan, you may be eligible for a free or discounted plan.  Here is more information on are a couple of links to find out more


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Notices & Service Alerts

Last update: 05/03/2016

Cinco De Mayo Week Reroutes: As needed, between Thursday May 5th - Sunday May 8th

Reroute of Line 35: in Palo Alto due to May Fete Parade 5/7

Reroute of Lines 23 & 323: due to Hola 5K Run 5/7

Temporary Bus Stop Relocation - Santa Clara @ First Street: