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Real Time Information (RTI)

How many times have you been waiting for your bus or train, and wondered if you had enough time to run a quick errand, find a bathroom, or get a bite to eat? Or have you seen a bus from across the street and wondered if it was yours that just left the stop?

Sure, you have the schedule, but we all know the schedule doesn’t show the time for every stop, and it doesn’t show you when the bus/train is running late due to heavy rush hour traffic etc. When something like this happens, don’t you wish you could look at a map and know exactly where your bus/train is, and how many minutes you have to run that errand or find that bathroom? Well, your wish has been granted!

Man with a laptop

Real Time Information is here!  You can now find out where your bus/train is now and when it will arrive at your stop on your computer, mobile device (with web access), and by phone using the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) by calling 511. You can also sign up for automatic text and email messages for routes that you regularly ride.

With RTI, there’s no need to carry a schedule for every route you may take when riding our system. Instead, you can quickly and easily access information, whether you are at your bus stop/platform, at home, in the office, out shopping, or dining…All you need to know is the location of your bus stop or train platform, and you can find out when the next buses or trains will be arriving at that location. You can even see where they are now on a street map if you have access to a computer or mobile device. No more guessing if you have missed your bus; you know where it is, and when the next one will arrive.

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Real Time Information (RTI) - Introduction
You can access RTI by the following methods: It's that simple!  Please contact VTA Customer Service if you need further assistance!


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